Monday, March 30, 2015

Good Byes and Hellos!

Dear Family and Friends,

So I lost track of time and only have a few minutes left... SORRY! I promise to have a better letter next week. 

I am leaving Lake Shawnee in Topeka and Heading back to the Land of my Birth... Derby Stake in Wichita! I will be in the Andover ward, which has both the mission office and the Mission Home in in! It will be an interesting and fun experience being back in Wichita. Honestly I am really looking forward to going back, I may actually get to bike again! Hooray for that! 

Cool miracle this week is Bishop Lamb shared with us last night how he realized that he needed to change his view about mission work and wanted to make May all about missionary work! It was crazy since that is what we had been planning with our Ward Mission Leader and were planning on talking to him about it! God really is in charge of HIS work! This is the Lord's Harvest not ours!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter week and remember why we celebrate it... (it has nothing to do with Eggs or bunnies FYI) It is ALL about Christ! #BecauseHElives watch it everyday this week and see what happens to your Easter week, I promise it will make a difference! "Then Everything changed... The best was yet to come, he is not here, he is risen! So if you reach out, call out, cry out, he is here! During the Good, the Bad, the in between. He is Here... ALWAYS!"

I know the simple yet profound message contained in this video is true. He lives and because he lives we can have hope for the better and know that we are never ever alone or to far gone! "No Exceptions, no lost causes!" He really did rise again 2000 years ago and because of that everything changed and can still change for the better! I love you all so much!

Sister Blood :) 

At Sisters Conference

Lake Shawnee City Sign

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