Thursday, May 28, 2015

Car Accidents and ER's are so much fun...

Dear Family and Friends,                                                           5-26-15

Sorry this is going to be super short, for those of you who didn't hear we were in an accident on SaturdayWe had missed our turn off so we were waiting to turn left and got hit from behind by a lady on her phone going 40 miles an hour. I hit my head on the seat in front of me (I was in the back seat passenger side)  and then whip lashed my head back and smacked it on the top of my seat (it didn't have a head rest so the top of the seat is about shoulder level. So my right temple got a nice cut and the back of my head has a nice goose egg and a cut as well as a few other scratches on my face. I did get a concussion so I can't read or be out in the sun for the next few weeks without getting a headache. We were taken by ambulance to the hospital (where I had fortunately had x-rays of my back done a few weeks earlier so all my info was already in the system). I was stuck in a neck brace until they could do a Cat Scan of my neck. After four hours in the ER I was released to go home and sleep. I will send home a audio recording next week with more info about the day but for now this is all you get. 

Sister Williams is back to normal, and since I took the brunt of the impact, I still have a few more days before I will be back to normal, but overall I am doing pretty good with a lot less pain then I was expecting.  We were blessed and protected without a doubt! When we got into the car I told Sister Williams she could slid her seat back but she chose not too. If she had slid back I would have hit my nose instead of my forehead and it would have caused a lot more damage. Plus the way the back of the car crunched it I would have been pinned in the car between the two seats if she had moved her seat back, so that was a small miracle. 
Also a miracle is how sturdy old metal cars are, there was only about 8 inches between me and the back window, so the fact I didn't get more hurt is a miracle!  
My cat scan and the hospital showed no damage, so I was released and am now on the mend! Thanks for all the blessings in my behalf! 

On the fun side we did get to help with the 5K yesterday the local wards put on, and we got to tour the Hutchenson salt mines where road salt comes from, that was super cool! 

Sister Blood 

Cuts from impact on the front seat

Being taken care of in the ER
Sister Blood and Sister William, in the road salt mine

Monday, May 18, 2015

Very Short Letter

I think this letter takes the prize for her shortest!  This is her reason for it being short, " We will only be online for an hour today, because we are with the STL's and with it being Sister Delosanto's last p-day she doesn't want to spent a lot of time emailing today"

Dear Family and Friends,                                           5-18-15

I have a whole 3 minutes to type this.... stupid timed computers! 

Highlights of the week,
My companion hit a pole coming out of a car wash so we are carless for the next week.
I found and named a fish in a gutter. His name is Fredrick the Fish and I even got to pet him!
I am staying in Andover with Sister Williams for the next transfer. 
We had a super cool experience yesterday with a recently activated member blessing the Sacrament  for the first time. The care and passion he put into it was amazing! I have never felt that kind of love and power during the sacrament! I wish I had time to say more!

Love you all so much!

Sister Blood :) 

Oh and we had an awesome P-day last week playing at the park. Spinning platforms are the best! and probably the closest thing I can find to a roller coaster in Kansas :) 

Found a fish in the gutter

Fredrick the Fish

Oh and we had an awesome P-day last week playing at the park. Spinning platforms are the best! and probably the closest thing I can find to a roller coaster in Kansas :) 

Sister William's hit a pole driving out of the car wash :(

Monday, May 11, 2015

Skype for Mother's Day...Loved it!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well it's one of those weeks I think back on and have no idea what happened this week. The week went by so fast I have honestly no clue what actually happened. Good thing we have planners with notes in them!

Well with yesterday being Mothers Day I got to Skype home which was pretty cool! I love my family so much! It is pretty surreal to think that the next time I talk to them will actually be in person. With 12 weeks in front of me it is going to be the BEST time of my life and my mission. I know I will be staying in Andover, which I love "super much" and we are seeing a lot of success!

James is still progressing, he is moving forward like a turtle, but at least it is forward! He almost came to church last week and was sick this week, but he is actually reading the chapters we leave him to read from the Book of Mormon which is good! The next really big step is he needs to learn to recognize the spirit and the truth it is confirming. 

We had some super cute young investigators go to activity days this week and they loved it! We find it kind of funny most of the people we have found and are teaching lately have been African American which makes me smile, they are such a cool people, I love their personality and spunk they add to everything!

Well sad  that is all I can really think to add for the week, so LOVE You all and I'll talk to you next week!

Sister Blood :) 

We went to Keeper of the Plains last Monday and took a picture since neither of us got to do that our first day in Kansas due to flight delays. Katelyn and Sister Williams

We went to a Louisianan style cooking restaurant the other day and the plates were HUGE. It was enough food for three meals easily, but it was so yummy! (The picture is of Sister Siegfried)

Some of the super cute kids we get to see and talk to all the time! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Elder Holland... say what?!

Dear Family and Friends,                                                               5-04-15

Sadly this is going to be a lot shorter then I wanted it to be due to the fact we have to cut our email time short so that we can give the Bel Aire Sisters a ride to a doctors appointment (they got their car parked for going over their allotted miles last month, haha). 

So the big news of the week was that Elder Holland came to Wichita and spoke to the entire mission! Just  Elder Holland and us, it was crazy and such a cool experience! He is such a personable and relate able man. He was walking around the front of the chapel and since my companion was in the special mission choir we were on the front row, which was entertaining and cool being so close. He said that his mission meant everything thing to him and everything that has shaped the last "50 years 2 months and 7 days, but who's counting?" He then lunged forward grabbed my companion by the face, stuck his face right in hers and said passionately "Are YOU COUNTING?!" "NO!" She was so red in the face and Sister Bell said my expression as this was happening was quite entertaining.  I was squashed right next to my companion on a very full bench. There was so much that was shared in that meeting that I wish I had the time to write, but sadly we are low on time. 
Some key things:
  • We have to serve with all our heart all 18 (or 24) months we are out, not just some of the months.
  • Investigators can be anyone anywhere as proven by John 3 and 4, which go from first, the highest Jewish Leader in the area, second in 3, Nicodemus,  then the Samaritan woman of ill-repute in chapter 4. We can't judge anyone.
  • Be passionate about your mission
  • Even when you go home and take off the badge, you cannot ever go back to who you were before, or we will break the heart of God Himself
  • A mission is the best thing that we can or will ever do.
  • Being a parent or any church calling is just at extension of missionary work.  
We also had the miracle of finding a new investigator and her husband this week! They are so cool, and she is one of the most sincere searchers of the truth, that I have ever met, it is so neat to be teaching her!

There were many other miracles this week, but I lack the time or ability to write them.
I love you all so much!

Thanks for all of the support! 

Sister Blood :)