Monday, February 23, 2015

My New Companion, Sister Seymour is pretty awesome!

Dear Family and Friends,

True to Kansas form, the weather bounced all over this week. But never fear! We Sister Missionaries know how to wear lots and lots of warm layers so that we don't freeze in the cold! 

Transfers were weird this week, because I got my new companion at 6:30 in the morning and I didn't have to go to Wichita to get her. It was kind of sad not being at the transfer devotional, since I know a lot of the missionaries who went home this transfer. It was also really nice having time to actually unpack and clean the apartment without it cutting into our normal work time!
Sister Seymour is pretty awesome! She is from Portland Oregon, and has been out 7 months. She actually was in a tripanionship with Sister Deppe and Sister Palmer in the MTC, so my last three companions all came out together, which is pretty funny... at least I think it is! 

This week was a pretty regular week, well other than transfers. Elder Bean stayed in Lake Shawnee so now we have Elders Bean and Seamons, and Sister Blood and Sister Seymour; together we are going to unite and light Lake Shawnee on fire with the missionary spirit! It is going to be EPIC!

Funny story of the week, Elder Bean and I both can fit in the suitcase the military issues. So I really am travel size! Elder Bean is in the suitcase in the picture where it is zipped up, which is impressive since he is 6 ft 3, but he is a bean pole!

other picture is Sister Seymour and I at the library :)

 Love you all!
Sister Blood :)
Sister Seymour & Sister Blood at the Library
Sister Blood, Travel Size
Elder Bean, ready to travel, in the suitcase

Monday, February 16, 2015

So little time!

Dear Family and Friends,

So little time, so little time. Okay so the best part of the week was getting to go back to Junction City for a combined Zone Training with four zones all together! It felt so neat being able to drive back into Junction! I love that place so much! They had some of the ward members help out with training so I got to see some of my favorite people and give them hugs and high fives! I love those people so much it's crazy!
The whole conference was inspired and I learned so much! I feel completely revitalized spiritually and ready to get to work again with Sister Seymour here in Lake Shawnee! Sister Seymour is actually serving here in Topeka already so I already know her and she is AWESOME! 
After Zone Conference Sister Deppe and I got to visit with sister Bell one on one, which really helped us both. Then when she discovered our dinner appointment canceled she insisted on eating with us, so we got to eat dinner with Sister Bell in Junction City, that was a blast! I love Sister Bell so much!
Best part of the week was getting to see Jenaya after dinner and before we headed back to Topeka. I love that Woman so much, and it was a much needed visit for us both. I am fairly certain one reason President felt inspired to do a combined multi-zone conference in JC was so that I would have the chance to visit with her.

Well that's about it!

SHave a wonderful week! Love ya!

 Sister Blood
Sister Bell with us at Dinner

Reflective elevators 
Dying Elders, they die together in 3 days, hence why they are on the floor, as if they died already. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Best part of this week was going to the temple!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well without a doubt the Dear Family and Friends,

Well without a doubt the best part of this week was going to the temple! It was really cold at the beginning of the week, but thankfully it was warmer that day. It amazes me how how the number of trees changes right at the Kansas Missouri border. Missouri has a lot more, which is kind of unfortunate since I really like trees! It's crazy how many missionaries they pack into a session at the temple. I got to sit on a folding chair this time, which made it unique! The Temple president came and talked to us before the session started and told us about the painting that is on the wall in the first instructional room. He said both the Missouri and Kansas Governors got a tour of the temple and they both said it looked just like their states. Well Kansas City is right on the border! 
As a zone we decided we were going to study on the way up and back. It was really nice having a peaceful bus ride to be able to prepare us for our time in the temple.
The experience for me was very peaceful. I wish I could share more of my experience, but this email wouldn't do it justice. I love the Kansas City temple and was grateful that this experience was such a good one, and much more peaceful then the last time I was there. 
The work goes on in Lake Shawnee! Lots of talking to people, and not finding a lot of people. One day it snowed hard enough they parked our cars. So we had one day this week when the wind chill was below 0 and two days later the temperature was in the 60 degree range. I thought Utah was bipolar, I now see I am wrong... Kansas is much much worse! 

Love you all!
Happy Valentines this week!
Sister Blood :)

Sister Deppe and I
the BEAUTIFUL Kansas City Temple
Me and President and Sister Bell :)
The Beautiful Kansas  City Temple

President and Sister Bell with me at the KS Temple

Sister Blood & Sister Deppe 

Monday, February 2, 2015

From 70 degrees to a current temperature of 5 degrees...

Dear Family and Friends,

This was another great week up in Topeka! We had some awesome miracles, like having three potential investigators who were referrals from other missionaries turn into new investigators! Sadly it snowed so they didn't come to church, but they have a lot of really good potential. I am definitely getting to know the area better, and am actually able to navigate to most general areas of the area which is exciting for me! Sometimes I still get disoriented out in the country about where north is, but I am happy that I am no longer always lost. The work is picking up and we are actually getting a teaching pool! They are not all solid, but the fact we have a pool makes it so much easier to motivate ourselves to go out and find more people to add to it! I love being a missionary! I am completely at peace that this is where I am supposed to be right now!

We had exchanges this week which was fun. I stayed in Topeka with Sister Gurr and Sister Deppe went to Lawrence. Sister Gurr is a pretty funny sister, so I got a lot of entertainment  being her companion for the day. 

We get to go to the temple tomorrow in Kansas City! I am super pumped to get to go again. I am positive the Kansas City Temple is now my favorite temple! I am sure some other stuff happened this week but I can't remember what... 

Oh ya! We got to go down to Osage city a few days ago with a member. It took almost a hour to get down there but it was cool. We got to meet a really sweet sister who was down there. I love long car rides so it made me happy that I got to sit in the back seat and watch the pretty rain covering the  Kansas Landscape as we drove by! :)

Love ya!
SIster BLood

We went to Denny for breakfast with Ben and his son Jordy this week. 

Pictures from the Mini MTC

Sister Deppe