Monday, February 23, 2015

My New Companion, Sister Seymour is pretty awesome!

Dear Family and Friends,

True to Kansas form, the weather bounced all over this week. But never fear! We Sister Missionaries know how to wear lots and lots of warm layers so that we don't freeze in the cold! 

Transfers were weird this week, because I got my new companion at 6:30 in the morning and I didn't have to go to Wichita to get her. It was kind of sad not being at the transfer devotional, since I know a lot of the missionaries who went home this transfer. It was also really nice having time to actually unpack and clean the apartment without it cutting into our normal work time!
Sister Seymour is pretty awesome! She is from Portland Oregon, and has been out 7 months. She actually was in a tripanionship with Sister Deppe and Sister Palmer in the MTC, so my last three companions all came out together, which is pretty funny... at least I think it is! 

This week was a pretty regular week, well other than transfers. Elder Bean stayed in Lake Shawnee so now we have Elders Bean and Seamons, and Sister Blood and Sister Seymour; together we are going to unite and light Lake Shawnee on fire with the missionary spirit! It is going to be EPIC!

Funny story of the week, Elder Bean and I both can fit in the suitcase the military issues. So I really am travel size! Elder Bean is in the suitcase in the picture where it is zipped up, which is impressive since he is 6 ft 3, but he is a bean pole!

other picture is Sister Seymour and I at the library :)

 Love you all!
Sister Blood :)
Sister Seymour & Sister Blood at the Library
Sister Blood, Travel Size
Elder Bean, ready to travel, in the suitcase

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