Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day, Late and Lean Mail!

Dear Family and Friends,
Due to yesterday being memorial day we have less time to email today so this is going to be extremely short.
I love you all and thank you for the tons of support. Never give up on people when you wonder if they are really going accept the gospel and how it can bless them. The best thing you can do is still love them and always be encouraging them to read the Book of Mormon.
Oh and cell phones are really important, don't leave them at the church on P-days or at a members house overnight, it makes life really really hard... (yes we really did leave our phone somewhere overnight twice...)
Love you ALL
Sister Blood (The one and Only)

We had zone Olympics yesterday, it was totally legit, and our district totally dominated! We won most of the sports. I even delivered the "kill shot" that won the district vs district smash ball (dodge ball basically). It was pretty fun! When I first got here I never though I would be so excited to play sports every week!

Derby District

Derby District

Monday, May 19, 2014

Angels and Miracles!

Dear Family and Friends,
Wonderful is the moment when you finally decide to stop fighting what God wants you to do and be and BECOME who he wants you to be! I finally figured out this week what I needed to changed and give up from my "past life" in order to really be a consecrated missionary. Once I realized what needed to change and started making the changes I needed to it was amazing how fast and completely the work and my love of my mission has changed. For the first time since I left home I can say I am truly happy and very excited to be on a mission! I LOVE BEING A FULL TIME MISSIONARY IN THE KANSAS WICHITA MISSION!!!!! In case any of you missed it I am VERY happy to be here and wish it hadn't taken me clear until almost 4 month into to my very short and speedy 18 months to figure out I actually did want to be here! It's amazing what happens after you decided to take Heavenly Fathers advice about what you need to change after you fast to be able to change. I don't feel like the same person that I was even a week ago, let alone 4 months ago! Life has never felt so good and so perfect! I am EXACTLY where I need to be! Thank you for the prayers that were offered in my behalf when you could see I wasn't adjusting as much as I needed to be. I love you all so much!
Saturday was a great missionary day. We talked to 20 people, tracked 7 hours, gave away 8 Book of Mormons, and ended up basically delirious by the end of the day. I wish you could have been a fly on the wall when we got home because Sister Murphy and I were pretty entertaining and very exhausted from giving it our all. Who would have guessed being so tired from working so hard could be so much fun!? Well it just goes to show the harder you work the more the line between work and play gets blurred! I haven't been this happy in years! So get up from the device you are using to read this and go do something selfless for someone else! It will bless you I promise!
And my other challenge, check out this CES message from Elder Callister, it is completely mind-blowing! I promise it will change the way you think about the truthfulness of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  
SiStEr BlOoD
 Cool Trees ya see tracking

Having fun while driving

Our Member that lives down the hall locked herself out at 10pm. So we stayed with her until maintenance came with a saw and sawed though the security slide lock thingy. It was pretty epic.

Best sign in a yard I ever did see! #kansasfolk ;)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Lost Dog

Dear Family and Friends,

It has finally been raining the last couple of days here in Wichita! It's wonderful to have the temperature cool down a bit from the 90's to 100's that we have had all this week. It really has been quite tolerable but everyone keeps telling us that since it is so hot so unusually early in the year this summer is going to be brutal. Which translates to three week/ most of the summer being over 110. This is going to be exciting I am sure.

Sister Murphy and I are starting to get pretty good at giving away Book of Mormons on the door step which is a lot of fun. These books really are so much better than gold! So if you aren't treasuring up the word of God EVERY single day, I suggest you repent and start doing so because until you do you have no idea what you are missing out on. I really have grown to love The Book Of Mormon so much over the past few months and I can't believe how much of it parallels our world today. I have hear people say things that are almost spot on to things people say in the BoM when asked to listen to the Word of God and repent! It's crazy, and completely mind blowing!

Well I'll get off my missionary soap box now and tell you all I love you so much and am so grateful for the example you are to me and for all the love and support you give me. I couldn't do this missionary journey alone so thank you for everything you do!

Funny story of the week, we found a lost dog and lassoed her with our bike lock. Then we knocked on the doors of the people in that area trying to find the owner. After not to long he drove up and was super happy to have found his dog and was grateful to us for keeping an eye on her.

Miracle of the week, we finally put Laura on date to be baptized on may 31. Now the really hard part comes of helping her get over Word of Wisdom issues and to come to Church. She is amazing but has quite her share of challenges, I really hope she realizes how much this Gospel can help her in all aspects of her life!

Love ya all,
Sister Blood

Where did the dog come from...we totally had a random super nice dog follow us to about 5 houses out in Walker, and just sit between us when we knocked on the doors, we named it Brutus 

Sister Murphy my new companion, with Brutus

Sisters having a bit of fun decorating the Elder's doors

Monday, May 5, 2014

Gone Fishing!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was fun and a bit of a blur. On Monday Maria took us fishing! We didn't catch anything because it was super windy, but it was still fun. Plus we learned how to cast the fishing line which was neat. I love spending time with Maria and feel she has taught me so much more than I have or will ever teach her. She really is a truly amazing woman!
My new companion is Sister Murphy, she is from Cottonwood, Utah and is totally awesome! She is super fun and happy, and I have a feeling we are going to be able to be part of and see some awesome miracles this transfer! Having my cousin in the same ward is pretty awesome, and a bit odd all at the same time. Sister Favre jokingly told the District Leader, Elder Dickson's companion, "I can't believe you let them talk to each other! Isn't that totally against the rules!" It's going to be a fun and amazing transfer I can tell.
We found a new investigator that isn't interested in hearing our message... yet. But she did let us go and do some service for her in her yard, because she is in her 70s and is very slow  moving. When she answered the door the day we came to do service and she saw us along with Elder Dickson, Elder Defreeze, and Debra (a less active we are working with) on her porch all ready to help she said. "Oh My, you've brought a whole army!" It was really cool getting to work with her and having the Elders join us made it even more fun. I love service and I look forward to tomorrow when we are going to help her again. Oh and she requested we play the piano for her too! This week, transfer, and entire mission is going to be great!
Love you all,
~Sister Blood


Maria our fishing teacher

Sister McDerrmott

Elder Stum, Elder Baylock, Sister Smartt, Sister Blood
Silly Walrus Missionaries
District Lunch