Monday, May 19, 2014

Angels and Miracles!

Dear Family and Friends,
Wonderful is the moment when you finally decide to stop fighting what God wants you to do and be and BECOME who he wants you to be! I finally figured out this week what I needed to changed and give up from my "past life" in order to really be a consecrated missionary. Once I realized what needed to change and started making the changes I needed to it was amazing how fast and completely the work and my love of my mission has changed. For the first time since I left home I can say I am truly happy and very excited to be on a mission! I LOVE BEING A FULL TIME MISSIONARY IN THE KANSAS WICHITA MISSION!!!!! In case any of you missed it I am VERY happy to be here and wish it hadn't taken me clear until almost 4 month into to my very short and speedy 18 months to figure out I actually did want to be here! It's amazing what happens after you decided to take Heavenly Fathers advice about what you need to change after you fast to be able to change. I don't feel like the same person that I was even a week ago, let alone 4 months ago! Life has never felt so good and so perfect! I am EXACTLY where I need to be! Thank you for the prayers that were offered in my behalf when you could see I wasn't adjusting as much as I needed to be. I love you all so much!
Saturday was a great missionary day. We talked to 20 people, tracked 7 hours, gave away 8 Book of Mormons, and ended up basically delirious by the end of the day. I wish you could have been a fly on the wall when we got home because Sister Murphy and I were pretty entertaining and very exhausted from giving it our all. Who would have guessed being so tired from working so hard could be so much fun!? Well it just goes to show the harder you work the more the line between work and play gets blurred! I haven't been this happy in years! So get up from the device you are using to read this and go do something selfless for someone else! It will bless you I promise!
And my other challenge, check out this CES message from Elder Callister, it is completely mind-blowing! I promise it will change the way you think about the truthfulness of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  
SiStEr BlOoD
 Cool Trees ya see tracking

Having fun while driving

Our Member that lives down the hall locked herself out at 10pm. So we stayed with her until maintenance came with a saw and sawed though the security slide lock thingy. It was pretty epic.

Best sign in a yard I ever did see! #kansasfolk ;)

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