Monday, April 28, 2014

Sister McDermott will be leaving

Dear Family and Friends,
Well time has been flying by. We found 34 people in the past 12 days that have become either new investigators or new potential investigators. We gave most of them away to either the Elders in our ward or to the Spanish Speaking Elders. Sister McDermott said she is tired of having to call the Zone Leaders all the time to ask permission to give the referrals to the Spanish Elders because we do it so often. Well it's the end of this transfer which means things are bound to change, including that I am done with training!
Even though I am done with training I still have some things to pass off before I will be aloud to drive, so hopefully by next transfer I will be able to drive, though at that point it will be 5 months or so since I've driven so the question will be... do I dare drive? Along with the other changes that will be coming this transfer Sister McDermott is leaving me to go to Liberal Kansas, which is on the edge of the Oklahoma border and about as far away from her dream area of serving in Nebraska as you can get. My new companion is Sister Murphy and I don't know anything about her, but I will be sure to tell you about her next week!

 Another sweet thing that is happening is that my cousin Elder Dickson is coming to Harrison Park to serve with our District Leader! How crazy is that! I never though we would be in the same area at the same time! I was very excited when I found out this morning and Sister McDermott thought something might be wrong because of how noisy I was. I am ready and excited for the change but I am sad to part ways with Sister McDermott. We have gotten really close this transfer, which is a good thing except when she decides to short sheet your bed when you are in the shower before bed... and so in an attempt to get her back as she lays in bed laughing in the dark you throw your alarm clock at her. Which ends up hitting the wall and coming apart (don't worry it snapped back together and works just fine), because you threw it harder than you intended because you were laughing too. We have lots of fun together if you can't tell.
Love you all lots!
Sister Blood
Andrea came to church for the first time in 6 months of teaching her.

Dinner with the Favre's

Brother Favre (the elder) is the Ward Mission Leader and his wife is like our mission/ward mom. She defiantly looks out for us a lot!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Too Many Miracles and So Little Time!

Dear Family and Friends,
Time seriously flies by so fast on a mission it is crazy! I can't believe I have already been out here 3 months tomorrow! Where did the last three months go?
This week was a crazy busy week of finding people. We found 9 people! True we gave away 7 of them to other missionaries because they were either in a different area, spoke only Spanish (that was a lot of fun trying to get their information and figure out if they were interested), or were guys that we handed over to the Elders in our ward. Of the 2 we had left one we get to keep and the other named Arthur we are going to transition to the Elders as well.
Arthur is so cool and has a really neat testimony of God. He actually is former gang leader and a recovering drug addict. He said that he used to feel unsafe if he didn't have a weapon with him at all times; now he says God is his weapon and because he has given his heart and life to God and his family he feels safe wherever he goes because he knows he is being watched over! How cool is that! What's even cooler is that we met him at a small Chinese restaurant we were eating at because it is owned by members who live in Sister McDermott's last area.
There are too many miracles this week and so little time today so I will have to wrap it up for the week. Remember Heavenly Father is watching out for all of us and that we can always turn to him! If you haven't got a chance yet go to and watch the new Mormon Message. It is mind blowing and we have spend the last two weeks promoting it because the church rented out the entire front page of youtube yesterday and had all the video's on there be about Christ! That is so cool and really amazing if you think about how much that cost. It just goes to show how important it is to let the world know about Jesus Christ and what his Atonement means for each of us individually!
Love you all so much!
Sister Blood

Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference was AMAZING!

Dear FaMiLy and FrIeNdS,
General Conference was amazing! Need I say more? We watched 3 of the 4 general sessions with Sister Harmon, the other was with Maria at her home. It was so neat to be able to hear the words of the prophets and notice how much more serious and urgent this conference felt than pervious conferences. I think out of all the talks the one that stuck out to me the most this year was the Presiding Bishop's remarks. I loved how he compared our life in mortality to the 4 minutes an Olympian has when they compete. It is so true how our time here really is so short but we will be reflecting on it for the rest of eternity. It's so sad to see how people throw away there precious 4 minutes because they believe it doesn't really matter, or because they feel it takes too much effort. I hope we all remember how little time we have, and how fast time really does go.
This week FLEW by yet again, and as a result I really don't remember much of it other than the last few days. It's a really good thing I keep a daily journal because if I didn't I think I would get home and people would asked me what my mission was like and what experiences I had and I wouldn't be able to tell them because I forgot!
So the key things to remember,
1. Write in your journal ALL THE TIME.
2. Remember we only have "4 minutes" of time to prepare to return to Heavenly Father.
3.Study the conference talks for the next six months. In the paraphrased words of Elder Bednar, They are not meant to just be learned from and studied twice a year but all the time. I challenge you all to take Elder Bednar's advice and study at least 1 talk a week and apply it in your lives for the next six months and we get another wonderful set of talks in October.
I love you all so much, Thanks for your love and support!
Sister Blood