Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference was AMAZING!

Dear FaMiLy and FrIeNdS,
General Conference was amazing! Need I say more? We watched 3 of the 4 general sessions with Sister Harmon, the other was with Maria at her home. It was so neat to be able to hear the words of the prophets and notice how much more serious and urgent this conference felt than pervious conferences. I think out of all the talks the one that stuck out to me the most this year was the Presiding Bishop's remarks. I loved how he compared our life in mortality to the 4 minutes an Olympian has when they compete. It is so true how our time here really is so short but we will be reflecting on it for the rest of eternity. It's so sad to see how people throw away there precious 4 minutes because they believe it doesn't really matter, or because they feel it takes too much effort. I hope we all remember how little time we have, and how fast time really does go.
This week FLEW by yet again, and as a result I really don't remember much of it other than the last few days. It's a really good thing I keep a daily journal because if I didn't I think I would get home and people would asked me what my mission was like and what experiences I had and I wouldn't be able to tell them because I forgot!
So the key things to remember,
1. Write in your journal ALL THE TIME.
2. Remember we only have "4 minutes" of time to prepare to return to Heavenly Father.
3.Study the conference talks for the next six months. In the paraphrased words of Elder Bednar, They are not meant to just be learned from and studied twice a year but all the time. I challenge you all to take Elder Bednar's advice and study at least 1 talk a week and apply it in your lives for the next six months and we get another wonderful set of talks in October.
I love you all so much, Thanks for your love and support!
Sister Blood

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