Monday, March 31, 2014

Beginning of Biking Adventures

Dear Family and Friends,
This week marked the beginning of the biking adventures. My District Leader, Elder DeFreeze is still recovering from knee surgery so he willingly let me use his bike. I am grateful I have long legs since the bike is not a women's frame. It actually works pretty well, now... The seat was too high for the first few days and when I was sitting on the seat the tip of my toes barely touched the ground. But we got the seat lowered and now it works well! I am actually really enjoying biking, though on really windy days I am reminded of my brother Eric and his determination to keep riding as long as he was moving. Sometimes the wind is so strong we are inching along against the 50+ MPH wind gusts, it's pretty epic to be sure... especially in skirts. I have learned drivers here are A LOT more courteous to bikers than Utah drivers. Not that it's surprising, people in Kansas tend to be very courteous anyways, which we really appreciate as missionaries.
We had exchanges again this week, and I spent the time in Bel Aire again, this time with Sister Murry. It was fun and I learned from her. But sadly there were no crazy stories to tell... well unless you were Sister McDermott and Sister Runia in Harrison Park. Then you got all sorts of crazy stories some involving fleas and crazy investigators who are moving but won't tell you where...
The Women's General Broadcast was amazing to say the least! It was weird not watching it with my family, but I felt their love and comfort at knowing that they were feeling the same spirit I was at that moment! I am SO grateful for modern day prophet's and apostles who guide us. My challenge to all of you is to go to conference this year with a question or three written down that you have prayfully decided on and with a willingness to learn. If you go with a question I promise you will get an answer and so much more out of conference!
I love you all a ton,
yours ever,
Sister Blood (the one and only!)
                                           P.S. There's really nothing like the Kansas Sky

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