Monday, February 9, 2015

Best part of this week was going to the temple!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well without a doubt the Dear Family and Friends,

Well without a doubt the best part of this week was going to the temple! It was really cold at the beginning of the week, but thankfully it was warmer that day. It amazes me how how the number of trees changes right at the Kansas Missouri border. Missouri has a lot more, which is kind of unfortunate since I really like trees! It's crazy how many missionaries they pack into a session at the temple. I got to sit on a folding chair this time, which made it unique! The Temple president came and talked to us before the session started and told us about the painting that is on the wall in the first instructional room. He said both the Missouri and Kansas Governors got a tour of the temple and they both said it looked just like their states. Well Kansas City is right on the border! 
As a zone we decided we were going to study on the way up and back. It was really nice having a peaceful bus ride to be able to prepare us for our time in the temple.
The experience for me was very peaceful. I wish I could share more of my experience, but this email wouldn't do it justice. I love the Kansas City temple and was grateful that this experience was such a good one, and much more peaceful then the last time I was there. 
The work goes on in Lake Shawnee! Lots of talking to people, and not finding a lot of people. One day it snowed hard enough they parked our cars. So we had one day this week when the wind chill was below 0 and two days later the temperature was in the 60 degree range. I thought Utah was bipolar, I now see I am wrong... Kansas is much much worse! 

Love you all!
Happy Valentines this week!
Sister Blood :)

Sister Deppe and I
the BEAUTIFUL Kansas City Temple
Me and President and Sister Bell :)
The Beautiful Kansas  City Temple

President and Sister Bell with me at the KS Temple

Sister Blood & Sister Deppe 

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