Monday, February 16, 2015

So little time!

Dear Family and Friends,

So little time, so little time. Okay so the best part of the week was getting to go back to Junction City for a combined Zone Training with four zones all together! It felt so neat being able to drive back into Junction! I love that place so much! They had some of the ward members help out with training so I got to see some of my favorite people and give them hugs and high fives! I love those people so much it's crazy!
The whole conference was inspired and I learned so much! I feel completely revitalized spiritually and ready to get to work again with Sister Seymour here in Lake Shawnee! Sister Seymour is actually serving here in Topeka already so I already know her and she is AWESOME! 
After Zone Conference Sister Deppe and I got to visit with sister Bell one on one, which really helped us both. Then when she discovered our dinner appointment canceled she insisted on eating with us, so we got to eat dinner with Sister Bell in Junction City, that was a blast! I love Sister Bell so much!
Best part of the week was getting to see Jenaya after dinner and before we headed back to Topeka. I love that Woman so much, and it was a much needed visit for us both. I am fairly certain one reason President felt inspired to do a combined multi-zone conference in JC was so that I would have the chance to visit with her.

Well that's about it!

SHave a wonderful week! Love ya!

 Sister Blood
Sister Bell with us at Dinner

Reflective elevators 
Dying Elders, they die together in 3 days, hence why they are on the floor, as if they died already. 

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