Monday, March 23, 2015

the Best View of Kansas

Dear Family and Friends,                                                     March 23, 2015

  Another sunny and warm week from Topeka! I got to have "the best view of Kansas" last Monday when we  climbed to the very top of the capital building and took a good look around the city.  I don't think I really appreciated how flat Kansas actually really is until that moment. It's flat enough you can see a power plant 45 miles away on the horizon. So for those of you who have never been up high in a flat state I will explain what it looks like... like you are in a brown and not very interesting snow globe without any snow. It was still really cool actually and I loved every moment of it! The scariest part was climbing the 75 feet of stairs in the upper dome of the capital, once we were on top of the dome it was worth the 293 stair climb! 

On SaturdayWe stopped by the home of one of the Brazilian sisters in our ward and we got to help her make Brigadeiro! Which are little Brazilian deserts. It's basically sweet and condensed milk with chocolate rolled into balls and dropped in powdered milk or sprinkles. They were really, really good, and a lot of fun to make, though very messy because you had to cover your hands in butter to roll the balls together. I don't have a picture to send, but my Mom should have one the sister sent home that she can post with the letter. :)

We got to celebrate Easter yesterday! We were part of the ward choir and the program we did was soooo cool! Hands down the best program I have been apart of. During one the songs it combines Behold the Great Redeemer Died, and transitions to He Is Risen. Every time we sing the part when we get to sing "He is Risen He is Risen" I always get chills and the biggest smile! I love Easter and I love that I get to be a missionary for two Easters, so that I can testify to the wonderful people of Kansas about the reality of the living Christ! 
We were given a copy of the new Because He Lives video, that the church is releasing this Friday. IT IS SO GOOD! I love it! So first thing Friday get onto and check it out, and then share it with everyone! Best part about this new video is that they are going to keep pushing it and using it until Christmas so their isn't a time frame that we only get to use it during, so I am pretty stoked! Oh ya, and our mission is also finally getting with the tech wave and we are getting iPads at the end of May, just in time for me to use them for a whole two months before I get kicked out of the missionary loop. It's going to be great!

Love Ya!
Seester Blood :) 

Brigadeiro! Which are little Brazilian deserts.

Climbing inside the dome of the capitol

Inner Dome with stairs to the outer dome

Outside the Capitol with Spanish Sisters

The Topeka Horizon from the top of the capitol
Topeka Sisters at the top of the Capitol


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