Monday, March 16, 2015

Climbing the Wall

This was a good week, much better than last week! I did have a day or two that were not the greatest emotionally, but most days I was happy and quite content in my role as a worker in the vineyard of the Lord! I know the Atonement is real, I had a really cool moment when I felt overwhelmed by the way I had to struggle with homesickness and I questioned if I could make it another 5 months.  As soon as the thought entered my head, I felt the spirit enter my mind and heart with a huge sense of peace. It gave me the feeling that even though it would be hard, I would make it through another 5 months because I can lean on the Atonement and it will be the reason I am able to fulfill this mission! Thanks you all for your love and prayers!

We had three investigators come again to church this week which was pretty cool! The couple that came with their kids even brought their 12 year old niece with them. It was so cool to take the niece to Sunday school and have Allissa our other investigator be the first one to reach out to her and start welcoming her. Church is a pretty cool thing! I love sitting in RS and Sacrament and just feeling the love that is there for everyone. Yes sometimes we have our trials and issues, but for the most part, church is one the best places to be able to feel the friendship and love that comes from being Brothers and Sisters in the Gospel.

As I was pondering this week, I thought of another analogy for the Atonement and obtaining perfection. Perfection is like a big wall that we are expected to climb, but no matter how high we jump, we can’t go from the ground to the very top of the wall in one leap.   It is just too high.  But from the ground, we are able to carve a ledge in the wall and then we are able to jump up and land on that ledge. We are still way short of perfection, but we are closer than before!   Then from that new ledge which we built because of our shortcomings, we build/carve another ledge and jump to that one. And eventually over time and having overcome many shortcomings we eventually reach the top. Which is perfection.

The atonement of Jesus Christ is like the climbing harness and the rope that you are wearing.    This task is a difficult one and Christ doesn't expect us to do it alone.  In fact Christ has already climbed to the top and hooked the rope up there and is now below you (to push you up) and next to you (to comfort you), because he is the greatest of the all.  Chosen to be beneath it all so that he could overcome it for all of us!   As we climb, the harness catches us when we slip off the ledge. It may take a few times to get to some difficult ledges but we never fall all the way back to where we started. And sometimes when the ledge that we are trying to get onto is too high, we are able to lean on the strength of the Savior and use the harness as an extra support to help us get to a ledge that we couldn't have gotten to by ourselves!  It's pretty cool!

I also felt really loved this week, because Jess and Jamie, (the two most awesome sisters ever!) took the time to make a huge meal completely from scratch with no processed foods! I felt so loved!  And it was pretty sweet to eat a meal that was "normal" and I was able to eat without feeling sick at all!

Love ya!

Sister Blood

Jaime and Jess Cooking a great meal

Beautiful Day Out tracting

Tokeka Zone Sisters

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