Monday, March 16, 2015

Learning to be Humble

Dear Family and Friends,

 I am envious of all their snow back East... but at the same time not! We got a whole 4 inches and everyone was positive church would be cancelled, it wasn't but most the ward that came was late though...  

We really have been working on talking to 10 new people every day, it's hard and it takes effort but it is also the most epic and fun thing I have done in a long time! There is something about chasing after Old men' who dive into bakeries to avoid you. Then turning around and talking to someone right by you, who is getting out of their car.  Being able to set up a return appointment with them, that really makes you appreciate opening your mouth and testifying to everyone! 
When you talk to 10 people or more you spend so much time during the day Testifying of Jesus Christ and the Restoration through Joseph Smith.  You can't help love being a missionary and be insanely happy!
Another funny story from talking to everyone was having some people give us a funny look from their porch as Ben backed us up, and deciding we needed to talk to them. They were Atheist and non interested but it was pretty cool to hear Ben say about the Book of Mormon, "I used to be Atheist, and then I read the Book of Mormon." I cannot say enough about how happy it makes me to see people change and share the joy of the Gospel with others! 

We had a sweet lesson with Chrissy and her family on Monday. It was kind of awkward when we walked in, because there were 5 very young adults/ teenagers. Then Chrissy told us how she read the chapters we had left her to read, in the Book of Mormon.  She is starting at the beginning because she is really intrigued and she feels so much peace like she has never had before. We watched The Mormon Message of Elder Holland bearing his Testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and she loved it, it reminded her of watching Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration which she loved. ( She then testified to her family and boyfriend who were there, about how she knows this is good and how see feels the spirit "like a tingling all over her body".  She knows this is of God and how she doesn't want to be just Christian anymore, but Mormon! I am so excited for her! Keep her in your prayers that she will be able to come to church this week despite working a 12 hour shift right before church starts! 

I get another opportunity to really work on humility this transfer! My current companion is also prideful, so we have the potential to be good friends or really irritate each other. Sometimes I wish it was easier, but I am also very, very grateful for the chance to learn how to be humble, and how to interact with people without making them feel "stupid". It's nice being smart, but it also is hard to learn how to be smart without making other people feel like you are purposely belittling them. I tend to fall into the "to smart for my own good" category, I say things I know and it makes people think I am trying to make them feel stupid, when in reality I know a lot and really like sharing what I know; sadly that is not how most people take it. That is what the Atonement and repentance are for though, to change you and refine you into a more Christlike person! 

Love you all!

Sister Blood!
KWM Missionary for Life!

Sent by text to my home.  This is the Ross family that shared their meal with us.
Sister Seymour, Sister Blood, Elder

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