Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Welcome Back to Wichita!

Dear Family and Friends,                                                            4-6-15

On Monday we did a mini jam fest. Elder Bean on the Piano and Me on the Viola! Sister Seymour also played a little bit on the organ too. We came up with some pretty fun arrangements of hymns, it was a great way to end in Topeka! 

For those of you that didn't hear, I am back in Wichita in the Derby Stake, Andover Ward... And I am loving it! I Feel so strongly this is where I am supposed to be. I haven't got to meet most of the ward members ye,t due to yesterday being General Conference, but from those who I have met I can tell that this ward is super awesome and I am going to love being here!

There isn't much to tell about the week other then the sad fact our 2 hour trip to Wichita turned into a 3.5 hour trip due to the fact that I didn't double check the apartment in Topeka very carefully... We got 40 minutes down the turnpike and with dread I realized I had forgotten my viola! We turned around at the next exit and went back to get my instrument.  Luckily we ended up heading out an hour early so we were only 30 minutes late to the transfer devotional. Then when we went to leave the mission office to go to the Andover apartment I almost left my viola again... I'm hopeless! Oh well, it made for a great story today! 

We live a quarter of a mile down the street from the mission office which is pretty weird actually. It's odd being back in Wichita and even stranger having the mission office be the  church building where we meet for church, it's fun too though, the office staff is the best! (And I'm not just saying that because my cousin is the assistant car czar in the office). So if you want to send me any mail just send it to the mission office address and I will get it easier then if you send it to the apartment. Mission address is 7011 E 13th St N. Wichita KS 67206.

The other fun adventure of the week is that the STL's are in between apartments so they are living with us for 10 days. I was worried about it at first because it's kind of a small apartment, with only one bathroom, but it has been a ton of fun. I love the STL's,  Sister Seigfried and Sister Delos Santos, and it has been cool having them here. (Don't worry we still go to bed on time, we need all the sleep we can get!) 

I Love General Conference and have been honestly counting down to it since December! All of the talks were so good! I think my favorite one was Elder Nelson about our Sabbath Day worship, my eyes have been opened so much being a missionary to the importance of things like personal Prayer and scripture study, as well as how we act on Sunday. The entire conference was SO inspiring and I learned a lot, I am so grateful for Modern Day prophets and Apostles who live and guide us today! 

Love you all!
Sister Blood :) 

Sister Delos Santos fell asleep playing the uke,

the next day my companion Sister Williams did the same thing!

Sister Williams and Sister Blood at Easter Dinner eating "empty tomb" rolls :) 

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