Monday, April 27, 2015

Pied Pipers of Music in Andover

Dear Family and Friends!                                                                April 27, 2015

This week had some pretty cool parts to it! The first memorable event of the week was singing to an investigators two kids. By the end of the second song, three more kids came over to join us, another song and there were 12 kids, another song and there were15 or so! It must have been quite the sight with two white young women surrounded by 15 very black kids! It was so cool! It was the most fun I have had in a while... well up to that point of the week. They had a lot of fun and were really sad when we said we had to go, one of the girls ran after us and begged to walk around with us. Because we were going to dinner we had to turn her down. I am not sure why she thought walking around with us talking to people would be so fun, but she really did! The kids said they would look for us the next time we were on their street. 

We also got to help out with a really cool service project on Saturday. We were on exchanges, so Sister Seigfried went with me instead of Sister Williams. We were picked up by the Bohne's at 8:30 and drove out past the end of Andover. The family in the ward we were helping had just under 300 acres. The Elders and some of the ward members were helping to rebuild a barb wire fence.  We sisters, plus the Bohne's and Bro P. helped to gather up huge limbs that had fallen onto the edge of the field and pastures, load them into the back of a pickup and dump them in a large burn pile. It was a lot of fun! There really is nothing like good hard work! 

At the end of the workday (aka lunch at 12:30), we roasted some hot dogs and ate sitting on the back of the tailgates of the pick-ups. The two horses that lived in the pasture came to say hello.  So Leroy's (the members who place we where at) granddaughter put a harness on her and let the kids ride her. Sadly as missionaries, it is against our handbook to ride a horse, but Sister Seigfried has a lot of experience with handling and training horses so she actually had permission from Prez to be able to ride horses, if the opportunity ever came up. We got a pretty cool selfie with her,  Sam (the horse) and me, that was emailed home to my mother.  She can forward it on with this email. I will send more pictures next week, when I get them from Sister Seigfried.

We also went with Sister Calder to get ice cream the other night. And yesterday we played Sorry with Aide after church, it was pretty fun! It was the first time Aide had played an American Board game. 
Love you all!
Sister Blood :) 

Aide, Katie, Sister Calder
A note to me, so sweet:
 Dear Joanne,
I think your daughter,  Sister Blood is a fantastic missionary.  I had her over for dinner tonight and we were playing cards with Aide, one of her recent converts.  She started teaching Aide all about the Gospel with the cards. She was amazing!  It's my great honor to be able to work with her. What a special daughter you have sent to our mission!
Sister Calder
Katie, Sister Calder, Sister Seigfried enjoying Ice-cream

Katie, Sam the Horse and Sister Seigfried at their Service Project

Fun Easter Gift that came through the mail from Harmonie Wheeler, she loved it!
                             It took a few weeks, because it got stuck in Topeka, her last area.

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