Monday, June 30, 2014

Missionaries Love Water Too!

Dear Family and Friends,
     What marks this week as being pretty awesome... all of the water that was involved! Most days we woke up to a dark sky, and most days it poured at some point during the day. Fun Fact, Kansas soil doesn't absorb a lot of water so when it rains it just runs and pools everywhere, which makes for some pretty epic driving! Kansas really does have the ability to feel like a lot of different places, this week was more of a coastal climate with all the humidity and rain, but some weeks are pretty dry like Utah, and some are a miserable mix of both over 100 degree temperatures and 95% humidity!
We also had the most epic P-Day last week that involved a zone P-day at the 13th street building. Everyone came and we washed and waxed all the cars in the zone. After we were all done with the cars out came the water balloons and it was pretty awesome! Everyone who was cool enough to be willing to participate got pretty wet. The AP's and a few other select people who will not be named (cough cough President Bell) took refuge from the water and sadly didn't get very wet. We eventual used all of the balloons and then resorted to the buckets and hose. It was cool and a fun chance to actually get to play in water since as missionaries we usually don't get to do that very often. One downside of Kansas verses Utah, there is humidity here, which means even if it's 90 degrees out you don't dry very fast. Oh well it was totally worth it!
     On the more spiritual side of the week, we were able to continue to work with a lot of the members of our ward and have had 4 new families move in to the ward which is awesome! Many of them are willing and excited to help with missionary work which just makes it that much better! We even tracked into one of the new families without realizing it, we left a card on their door and then met their land lord at the next door and he told us that that family and the one next door who will be moving in in a few weeks were LDS. We are so excited especially since we have been wishing we had members in this particular neighbor hood that is farther away from the bulk of the ward and now we will have two families there! We know Heavenly Father really does have a special place in his heart for the Harrison Park ward because He really does take good care of them. They may be small but they are one of the most unique,non cliquish, coolest wards ever!
Love ya all,
Sister Blood :)

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