Monday, June 9, 2014

I am staying in Harrison Park with Sister Murphy!

Dear Family and Friends,
Well the big news is in for transfers... I am staying in Harrison Park with Sister Murphy! I love the people in this ward and I enjoy how well I know the area so it is a bit of a relief to be staying. I am glad that I will have been able to spend 1/3 of my mission in this wonderful area!
Yesterday during sacrament the high council speaker and the regular speaker were no shows so the bishop guided by the spirit call on 6 people to come up and give a mandated on the spot testimony. I was the first one on the list meaning I had a whole 1.5 minuets to panic recognize I had no idea what I was going to say and then walk up to the microphone thinking "okay heavenly Father I am trusting you to direct my words." It was awesome to have the spirit speak through me and not to struggle with what to say but to just let the words flow and see it touch people was pretty cool! Elder DeFreese who has been here as long as I have was right after me, which was neat since we have both been here 3 transfers, it will be different not having him in Harrison Park anymore.  The entire meeting was so powerful and completely directed by the spirit it was really quite mind blowing and heart touching for a lot of people, I am honored that I got to go first and set the mood. Plus going first also gave me the opportunity to trust in Heavenly Father that he would give me the words that needed to be said to set the tone of the meeting.
This week was full of many many blessings and miracles so many that I really could not name them all but I am blessed to have seen them and to have them recorded in my journal. The one the I am enjoying seeing unfolding the most is the change in Kelley and Aaron as they are letting the Gospel become part of their lives, they really are amazing individuals and I am lucky I get to teach them and learn from them!
I wish you all the very best this week and encourage you to read the "Media with Merit" article from this months Ensign. With this world so full of "entertainment" it really is important to keep priorities straight. Before you sit down to watch your favorite show, read your favorite book, or enjoy your favorite music... spend some time in the scriptures. Your mind will be blown and you will have more strength to put off the sins and temptations of the world! I love ya all so much!
     SISTER BLOOD <--- (missionary in the Kansas Wichita Mission!)

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