Monday, June 23, 2014

A "surprise" church tour for one of our investigators

Dear Family and Friends,
Can you believe it, I have been out 5 months! How time flies when you are in the service of God!
This week was AMAZING! Last week was so hard but we were able to resolve our personal issues in our companionship and really come together so that we were able to see and be part of a lot of miracles this week. I think the very best one was doing a "surprise" church tour for one of our investigators that we have been working with for months. She is really nervous about coming to church so we realized after praying, that we needed to get her a tour so she could be at the church in a very non-threatening situation. We got the Members who referred us to her and are her fellowship to help us with the tour. So we went over and had the car and truck ready to load her Hoveround in. We were so worried she would say no, but to our great happiness and excitement she said yes to come with us! So we loaded her and her Hoveround ( It's one of those wheelchairs that has a motor and you control it with a joystick), up drove to the church and had an amazing church tour! The spirit was so strong everyone could feel it unquestionably. As part of the tour we watched the short restoration movie and it was so neat to look over at her during the first vision and see tears coming down her face as she felt and understood so much more what the restoration was. Her testimony that she knows it is true and wants to be apart of this true gospel of Jesus Christ is truly amazing! It was neat to see her expression and reverenced awe as we ended in the Chapel and she was able to feel the spirit there. Being a missionary is awesome!
Sister Murphy and I did some pretty intense biking as well this week. About 20 miles two days in a row, then 8 the third day. We were so tired, some of those last few hills on the way home looked so mean. But somehow we made it home evey night! One of the days we had an emergency appointment we needed to get to on the other side of our area, so somehow we biked the 6 miles or so in 35 minutes! (Keep in mind it usually takes almost an hour to bike this far) We have no idea how we did it but it was a miracle. Especially because the person we needed to see pulled up just a few minutes after we did. It is hard when people are struggling with their faith so they don't want to put in the effort, but it is putting in the effort that will actually answer their questions and help them overcome their trials. So when you get discouraged and wonder if it is all really worth it, don't stop studying, praying, or attending church. If you do stop how will Heavenly Father show you it is worth it?
I love you all and appreciate the prayers and love you send my way.
Sister Blood
                                 no worries she has bike shorts on underneath.
 Oh and it finally happened I got my skirt caught in my brake :( it all washed out though!)

The amazing Sister Fudge!  With Katie & Sister Murphy

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