Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Transfers are always an interesting thing!

Hello Family and Friends,

Transfers are always an interesting thing, the first week always seems twice as long for some odd reason. We are continuing to have people progress but there really wasn't anything really remarkable to talk about this week. We had an amazing zone training on Friday that really stretched my mind to the power and importance of being specific in our prayers. We also did a roll play of only having 5 minutes to knock on someone's door, be invited in and invite them to baptism. Sister Murphy and I were the only companionship who were able to successfully get the "investigator" we were assigned to try to commit to baptism. She came up after and told us we were the only one's she said yes to, and she was told only to say yes if we were able to really help her be touched by the spirit. She said we were powerful missionaries together and that she really felt the spirit when we taught her!
I am grateful to still be in the same ward, and I know they are very happy to have me here too. I can't tell you how many happy ward members told me they were glad I was staying another transfer! Laura actually was on the verge of tears when I told her I was going to be staying. She really is the most amazing person I've ever met.

Sister Blood

Sister Blood and Sister Murphy,  Bike Tracting

Sister Blood's graffiti fountain, No she didn't write it!

The families are the Schofield's and Berret's.   Bro. Schofield was one of Uncle Mikes scouts, when they lived in Los Alamos.  Brother Schofield (is the oldest guy) he said to tell Uncle Mike, "hi!"

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