Monday, December 1, 2014

Sad news of our Resent Convert

Dear Family and Friends,

This is not the weekly letter I was expecting to write today, I feel kind of numb and am not sure what to say so it will probably be short.

Our Recent Convert Leigh committed suicide this morning. This is a really hard time for their family so please keep them in your prayers that they will find comfort in the Saviors love and that we as a Branch will be able to pull together and help them know they are loved and that there was a divine reason they were baptized as a family just weeks before this tragedy struck. 

On a positive note my new companion Sister Palmer is awesome and I am really excited for this upcoming transfer!

If you haven't yet seen the new video by the church YOU NEED TO! The website is   . Watch the video, share it and then follow the council of the prophets to discover, embrace, and share the gift this Christmas season! It's going to be an amazing Christmas 2014! 

Love you all,

Sister Blood  

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