Monday, December 15, 2014

50 Degrees and still no snow

Dear Family and Friends,

 Good Afternoon to ya'll! Its been a nice, very un-December like week here in Kansas! According to the car thermometer it was in the 70s yesterday, though with the cold north wind it felt more like 50. There is just something wrong with being in ,the middle of December and not having to wear a jacket or a coat outside. I really want snow, but most Kansans don't like the snow very much. It just goes to show that I really am a Utah born and raised kind of person. 

The cool miracle of the week was that we had 4 Sisters come to church yesterday who don't usually come! It made it completely worth the 30 miles we used driving to Wakefield to see one of them Saturday since that was the last thing she needed to get her to come to church the next day! 

The Branch has been doing a good job of trying to reach out and serve the Ortega family. The Ortega's friends have told us and other friends of their's, how impressed they have been with how the church has reached out to the family and done service for them (like the cleaning of the house, and repainting the bathroom). I am very grateful for what they did, especially with it being Christmas time and people are really busy. 

Here are some pictures of the tree as promised!

Love Sister Blood

Sister Blood & Sister Palmer, their little tree

Sister Palmer, Trimming the Tree

Gifts and Beautiful Little Tree

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