Monday, December 8, 2014

This was a pretty long week

Dear Family and Friends,

This was a pretty long week, and I don't remember what we did for most of it... typical.

We were able to go and see Adrian and Rachael in Manhattan. They looked pretty weighted down, which was hard to see since they are usually so happy and funny. Thank you for the prayers for their family, they help. We had some awesome members in the Branch who stepped up and volunteered to help with cleaning their house and repainting the bathroom. We, well mostly I, was really stressed about it, but they were amazing at being willing to help out this new family. 

On a positive note, after 5 weeks of coughing and mucous, three different doctors in 2 different towns... I was finally told what I have that is making me sick, and it's not Kansas Crud. I have a sinus infection! Yay! I am happy to finally be on medication that is clearing it up even though I am still not up to full strength I am happy that I am getting a little bit better every day! 

We have a new investigator that the Branch Elders handed over to us that is pretty nice. Her name is Emily/Emma. She is really nice and was really excited to come to church yesterday. There was a pretty intense moment when she decided to bare her testimony, I didn't need to worry, she did a great job. It is one of the more interesting parts of covering two different wards is seeing how different the two services can be in the same area.

Another fun part of this week was how our apartment is starting to look like Christmas! Sister Palmer's mother sent her an itty bitty 9 inch tree ( almost a foot including the base) with ornament. That plus the lights we found in the closet are helping to make our place look like Christmas! I actually forgot my camera today so I will have to send pictures next week. 

Love to all, Sister Blood

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