Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

Dear Family and Friends,

I am working on being more positive. This week was kind of hard but pretty awesome too! We saw a lot of miracles that aren't really showing in our numbers for the week. We had 3 less actives come to church, including a young woman who could be the key to reactivating her entire family and getting them finally to the temple. That was really exciting to have her at church! We also had two young adult women who showed up at the church during the branch time. They want to learn how to play the organ. They ended up talking to a member during the second hour about the church culture/organs/ our religion. Then they came with us to Relief Society. We gave them book of Mormons and they are going to come to the baptism on Noche Blanca, (Spanish for White Night, it is the baptism that will take place on Christmas Eve). They are also going to use our organ with Sister Bohman helping them. Who knew learning to play the organ could get someone interesting in our church. Though I guess if teaching English works for some missionaries I guess learning to teach Organ could work here in JC!

I have really come to appreciate and love CHRISTmas so much more this year. As different and sometimes hard as it has been this year being away from family for Christmas this has been one of the best Christmas seasons I have ever had. Why? Because without the world playing it X-mas tune all around me I have been able to see so clearly how Christmas is about Christ. Everything points back to Christ. I don't know if any of you have picked this out, (and if you did I am guessing you are a missionary and have been privileged to see He is the Gift a least a hundred times); in the beginning shots of the video where it is showing the craziness of the Christmas season every single shot has something that is red in it! I am not joking, go watch it again and see if you notice it! Red is the color most connected with Christ, so my interpretation is that Christ is in everything we do at Christmas. My challenge to you is to make sure in the last few days of the wonderful season remember who this season is really about! 

Merry Christmas!
Sister Blood
The Branch and Spanish Elders with Santa

Branch Christmas party -Sister Palmer, Santa, and Sister Blood

FHE last Monday, The Elders and Santa

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