Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference was AMAZING!

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry this is going to be a really short one, I am not sure what to write about, haha. 

Conference was AMAZING! I was so excited when Elder Bednar started speaking, as soon as he said he was directing his message to non-members I was literally bouncing up and down because I was hoping and expecting him to share the story about his two little boys. He shared it with the Derby Stake back in March and I loved it so much I have shared it multiple times with people here in JC since they obviously weren't in Derby. We had three investigators come to the last session with their back door neighbor which was awesome! They had come to church a few months ago but their neighbor had gotten busy and hadn't invited them back again, then we happened to tract into them earlier in the week (we chose to knock on their door because it was completely dark and they had a well lit porch). We invited them to conference and to let us come back again, he didn't have his schedule but said he would talk to his back door neighbor about coming to church, and they actually did! 
We also passed a Less Active member who just moved from AZ. We were walking opposite directions and we tried to say hi but they didn't respond, we got about 15 feet apart and Ikea (the LA) spun around and yelled to us, "Are you guys Mormon?!" We said yes. She was really excited and really surprised to hear we had a church building "clear out here". She gave us her info and we were able to stop by and see her yesterday. She is awesome, she moved to JC to start over and is very excited to get back into Church. God is aware of us all. Even if we aren't aware of the fact his restored church is all over the world. We are never completely out of it's influence! 

We went to the Zoo last Monday with Jenaya and RaCail, it was a blast. Little Zoos are a lot of fun! 

Love you All!

Sister Blood 

We went to the Zoo last Monday with Jenaya and RaCail 

Little Zoos are a lot of fun! 

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