Monday, October 13, 2014

Rain, Miracles, and Military

Dear Family and Friends,

Jenaya is progressing fabulously! We introduced her to family search this past week and she loved it. The coolest moment was when after almost an hour and having not found anything yet we ran across her grandfathers draft record from WWI. This spirit was so strong as she read out loud the information on the record I am positive some of her family where there and may have had a part in leading her to find that record, which lead to her finding many others. Her heart was softened, which was great because she is quite the coffee drinker (She was drinking between 2-3 POTS a day), and we had to break it to her about the word of wisdom; but she took it really well and actually quite her coffee and tea the next day after she told us she was going to go home and drink 6 pots that night (friday) before she had to stop on Saturday
. I am pretty sure she wasn't entirely joking, luckily her husband was home and wouldn't let her drink that much. He was pretty irritated when he found out she had 4 pots one day last week when he was at work, that is roughly 40+ cups of coffee, to say she was hyper is an understatement. 
After Church when she was talking to the Branch Presidents wife after she told her she was hoping to be baptized in the next few weeks! Another miracle was how many people, especially sisters, in the Branch came up and talked to her during church and told her how excited they were to see her back! She commented her first week how surprised she was how few people talked to her the first week she came, which is why it was such a miracle the branch sisters reached out to her so much. Testimony Meeting was fun, it was interesting to have to explain to her why their are children in sacrament meeting, the churches she has attended in the past all had childcare so just the adults went to the sermon. She was really surprised when I told her that even primary children will bear their testimonies, then 6 or 7 primary kids in a row got up and bore really sweet testimonies. As surprised as she was at first I think they really touched her heart too! Miracles are happening in JC! 

Another really cool experience this week also happened while we were on Family Search with Jenaya, I got on to my tree to show her how you can include pictures, I went to my Great Grandfathers Royal Oscar Heiner and clicked on a picture I hadn't seen on their before, on the back of the old picture was the note. "Taken in Kansas City MO, While on an LDS Mission." That was so neat to realize my grandfather served a mission in roughly the same area I am serving! It really helped me to feel even more connected to my ancestors! Turning hearts in both directions, thank you Elijah!  

Love you all!

Playing with Balloons
The awesome-ness that is the Junction City District
Elder Boman, Sister Boman, Sister Howell, Me, Elder Lorado, Elder Jacobson, Elder Carlson, Elder Bohman (the District Leader), Elder Hulse, Elder Mitchell.

We all were supposed to wear Yellow... I don't own yellow so it was decided my hair was "yellow".

Another zoo picture

"Thanks so much for the Ball! It was fun and odd to come home one day and find it sitting outside our door. I had no idea you could send balls in the mail! "  Ball Sent to Sister Blood from Harmonie Wheeler

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