Monday, October 27, 2014

Awesome Sauce and Cool Beans = MIRACLES!

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry this is shorter, I forgot I hadn't finished it until now when I am almost done with e-mailing... oops!

This WEEK was AWESOME! There is a lot to be said for choosing to be happy and work hard. Miracles happen and we get to taste what it feels like to have Heavenly Father backing us %100!

Earlier this week we decided we wanted to do something for Jenaya because she has been sick, so I got the brilliant idea to take our vacuum to her house and vacuum it since they don't have a vacuum yet. It was awesome to have her open the door look at us, look at the vacuum and then say. "What is That." 
"Our Vacuum, we came to Vacuum your house since we love you, you are sick, and you don't have a vacuum!" She let us in and let us clean all the while shaking her head saying "you guys are crazy!"

Yesterday we were talking to our investigators Sean and Josephina and we told them how we had vacuumed her floors and how after the office lady saw us and had a "panic moment" when she saw the vacuum thinking we were soliciting it. They told us they actually had an extra vacuum someone had given them and they asked us if we wanted to take it and give it to her! I was in totally shock and I couldn't quite believe it! We will be giving it to Jenaya later today and I can't wait! It really is so cool to see moments when you recognize there are still really good people in the world today! 

Like I said this week was amazing but sadly I don't have time to share more of the many miracles we saw this week. Love you all and thanks for all the love and support I got this week! I haven't gotten this many letters and packages since I was in training! You're all the best!

Sister Blood, the 1st :)

Fall in Milford

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