Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 40! Half Way!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was good with the usual up and downs of missionary life! We didn't have a lot of success finding new investigators but we did have some awesome lessons with Jenaya. She didn't make it to church which was sad, but Adrian, Leigh, and Rachel came again! Adrian, Leigh, and Rachel also came to the Spanish baptismal service which was awesome! Adrian speaks a little Spanish so he got a lot more out of the talks then we did since we don't understand Spanish. Best part about when the Spanish branch has a baptism... they always have lots of good food after! Haha just kidding, the best part is that they have another soul who has come unto Christ in their branch!

Yesterday in church during Relief Society we talked about prayer and the sister teaching in the branch shared this awesome video from Mormon Channel so I decided I wanted to share it! We all made our own "I pray" Signs so I included a picture of me with mine! I am challenging you to make your own I pray sign and post it and/or the Mormon Channel video on your Facebook; and send me a picture.

Perks of being in the Bible Belt, you get things like the 10 commandments posted outside of the City Building! We decided it was a must to take a picture with it :)

We got to go to Manhattan Wednesday to do some service with the bishops storehouse and we drove by Kansas State. I must say I think they have the coolest looking football stadium I have seen so far! 

All of the English Speaking Missionaries in JC at FHE up on Post. 

The Kansas State Institute building, it's an old home that was donated to the church and then converted into the institute building :)

So in the mission world your trainer is your Mother if you are a sister and your Father if you are an Elder. For Sisters your "Dad" is your first District Leader, and for Elders your "mom" is the mission age oldest Sister in your First District.I ended up being the oldest mission age Sister while Elder Mitchell was being trained so he is my first "son". Haha, so we took a family picture. He is in the middle and the Elder on the far left is Elder Boman his trainer. Missions are funny, especially when you make faces!  

Love you all!
Sister Blood

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