Monday, September 29, 2014

Sacrifice of Military Families

Dear Family and Friends,

Well there isn't a whole lot to report for this week. The mission is still going good, the military is still moving people in and out of our ward, and a bunch of the fathers in our ward are about to be deployed. As missionaries we aren't supposed to discuss politics but it is interesting how being here in JC I have learned more about the current state of war than I did all the years before I came out. The difference being, for the first time in my life I finally understand how much of a sacrifice these military families actually make to serve our country. They part at each deployment not knowing if they will meet again in this life, and then they find strength in the Atonement and their temple marriages. Sad to admit, I didn't think much about the military before I left on my mission, but I know that my view has been changed forever by these families that I have had the opportunity to serve. 

Urgent: I need your help! I need you all (well those who are in Utah and already guaranteed to have the movie in your areas) to go and request that it come to Manhattan Kansas. I believe the zip codes are 67202/03 but I could be wrong so double check before you enter it :) That would be a huge help because we really want the movie to come to Kansas!

Huge news of the week. We found out our mission The Kansas Wichita Mission, is the top baptizing mission in the North American Missions! Now before you wonder how we beat the Utah missions I will explain. The North American Missions don't include those on the East Coast/ Side or those on the West. It does include the more Central US missions, Idaho, and Canada! This is a huge miracle because a year ago we were lucky to break 30 a month, last month we got 61 and this month our mission wide goal is 75. Then 85 in Oct, 95 in Nov, and finally 100 in December! We are really growing our faith and being as diligent as we can. Please keep us in your prayers that we might be able to find all of those people who will be counted among those found in the next few months. They aren't numbers each number represents someone who is found and brought to Christ!

Love you all!
Sister Blood 

 Elder Hulse and Elder Carlson, they have their suits on inside out in case you were wondering 

Look who I got to see! My "Mom" Sister McDermott

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