Monday, September 22, 2014

Cop gets pass a long card

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow this week had so much happen in it, I can't believe it was only last Sunday we meant our new investigator Jenaya (Jenni). Since then we have taught her lessons 1 & 2, she came to church and had a small church tour. She told us that she is really beginning to feel and believe that our message is true and that it is what she needs to help her heal from some of the trials from her past! We are so excited! You hear stories about finding insanely prepared people but I didn't think I would find one on my mission! Most the members thought she was already a member who had moved here because she dresses so modestly, she has basically the same dress standards as the Sister Missionaries do, and she adds a lot of really good insightful comments to the lessons, which is so awesome! She really is our miracle of the week, I can't believe how fast she is learning and accepting what we are teaching her, she really has been so prepared, it's not even funny!

On Saturday when we were teaching her the Plan of Salvation there was this really crazy moment when in the middle of the lesson she said "guys I have a confession..." Our minds were racing, thinking she was going to tell us she actually wasn't interested and that she had just been stringing us along... "I am actually starting to believe you guys." We freaked out and couldn't stop smiling, neither could she. She said she hadn't had as many "lightbulb" moments this close together about religion as she had during our lesson. In her prayer she thanked Heavenly Father for sending us to teacher her and "blow [her] mind", and that this was the closest religion she had hear to her own beliefs. It was so amazing!

A really cool part of our first lesson with her for me was towards the end she voiced her concern about what would happen when she let her family know that she was starting to look into the Mormon religion and that this was the path she was going to start taking. I felt so strongly the need to share a bit of Sister McCarrick's story, how she had joined the church and had her family react not to kindly and after she finally started to mend those relationships she felt impressed to go on a mission. And how unexpectedly she had been told it was time for her to go home but she had already seen some miracles in her family with their heart softening a little bit. The spirit was so strong and when I finished she thanked me and told me how much she needed to hear Sister McCarrick's story. So even though my Amazing Companion isn't here in JC her story and testimony are still touching people here and helping them to find hope and strength to continue to press on! 

Hailey's baptism went so well, there were a lot of the YW that came to support her. She has been going to YW for over a year and a half and is now finally an official member! She even decided on her own to invite a good friend from school who isn't a member! It really is so cool to see how much she has changed in just a month! Being a missionary is AWESOME!

Oh wow, another story from the week, on our way home from dinner on Tuesday we were driving with a member and they got pulled over because one of their headlights was out. When the Cop came back to give the driver his licence the member gave him a pass along card and told him to check it out! That may have been the craziest way I have even given away a card.

Love you all!
Sister Blood :)

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