Monday, August 4, 2014

Sorry this is going to be super, super short!

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry this is going to be super super short. This week was great, we found a lot of new people, seven to be exact. None came to church which was a bummer, but we won't give up quite yet! I am loving being in Junction City, and I love having Sister McCerrick for a companion. That's all for this week, sorry!

Sister Blood
Sister Blood & Sister McCerrick

Thought you might enjoy, We found Noah's Ark in Mitford Kansas. 
"I love parks, they have the coolest things like teeter totters, and the 'spinning metal platforms'".Sister Blood
"you mean merry-go-rounds?" Sister Fider
"Ya!" Sister Blood
(Laughing) "Sister Blood you are too smart for your own good... Your like Sheldon!" Sister Fider
(Big Bang Theory reference for any of you who are non-geeks :) )

 (Note:  Since Katelyn's letter was super,super short, I thought I would add this experience our family had at the Ogden Temple open house.  
Our family were directed to a room  showing us an introductory message about temples and why  temples are important to our church.   A sister missionary stood up and said, "I am Sister Katich", a light bulb went off inside my brain remembering that Katelyn said, while at the Ogden Open house to keep an eye out for a Sister Katich. She was in her district while at the Provo MTC. She reminded her of her niece,  Tess in looks and mannerisms.  After the short film I went up to Sister Katich while everyone was filing at out and ask her if she remembered Sister Blood from the MTC. She excitedly said, as her face lit up with a big smile, "she was in my district, and I loved her."   She was so excited to meet me.  After going through the temple we were taking pictures, Sister Katich was outside the temple taking a break, so I was able to talk to her a bit longer.  She mentioned that she was serving in Syracuse and is loving her mission. She told me how Katelyn was so smart in the MTC and seemed to know all the answers. It was fun talking to her. She said that they cover two stakes,  which includes 21 wards,  how different than where Katelyn is serving  two wards.  I felt like it was a tender mercy to have this experience.

Sister Katich & Sister Haws

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