Monday, August 18, 2014

Went to the Beautiful Kansas City Temple

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was another kind of odd week, but it was also a week for a lot of learning and growth! 

On Wednesday we had zone training in Salina with President Bell and the AP's. The coolest and most notable experience was the incredible reenactment of Lehi's Dream. I was one of 7 missionaries who were selected to go though the course. They had the lights off and just one door open in the gym of the church. Those of us who went though were blindfolded and had to hold onto a rope that ran throughout the gym going under blackboards and tables, over chairs, and through many people who were yelling at us to give up, that it wasn't worth it, that they were disappointed in us, etc. It was so powerful for all of us, those of us that went though and those who just watched from the side. The point of the experience was to help us better related to our investigators and how they feel as they progress to baptism and even after as they continue to face the challenges and consequences that have come from being baptized. For me the hardest part was discerning who was the right voice when I first walked into the room and was surrounded by the sound of three different people trying to tell me where to go. Crawling under things in a skirt and trying to hold onto the rope at the same time also proved to be and extra challenge. It really was an eye opening experience! 

The other amazing experience from the week was going to the temple. This was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had in the temple. It really made me see why it is a commandment to go to the temple as often as you can. It really does make such a huge difference in our relationship and growth with Heavenly Father! I don't think I will ever forget turning the corner in the beautiful green state of Missouri and seeing the beautiful Kansas City Temple right there in front of us, a true beacon of light and God's love! I wish we were able to go more often, but I am just grateful that I was able to go this past week. So my challenge to you all is if you haven't been to the temple in the month of August, and are able to go... GO! It is one of the best things you can do! If you can't go quite yet, set a goal to be able to make it there as soon as possible. It is worth everything you have to go through to make it there, I promise it is! Whether it is sacrificing a bit of your time and money to go, or sacrificing some of your pride and being willing to make the changes you need to be able to go. Make it a goal to be in those sacred places as soon as you can! Words cannot explain the power and experiences that are to be had within those walls! 

Love you all so much! 
     Sister Blood
Kansas City Temple

At the Kansas City Temple

Sister McCarrick and Sister Blood

Elder Chun... master photo taker/ poser... ground style

The Elders writing a rap on the way home

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