Monday, August 11, 2014

Followed My Mothers Advice!

Dear Family and Friends,

I got a wonderful letter from my mother this week reminding me how important it is to put more effort into my letters... so I am writing this first so hopefully you will get more out of me this week!

This week was a bit... odd. I got sick for a few days of it, which was tragic. Being sick on a mission is an odd thing, especially because after you get better everyone in the ward seems to have know you were sick and asks if you are feeling better, well at least we know that we are loved! 

So on Friday, I got to go to my first zone meeting in Manhattan, which was cool, but it was kind of strange too, because it was noticeably smaller in number than the Derby zone meetings. We had an AMAZING training on depression and discouragement and how it is important to recognize when you are actually struggling from a lack of conversion and when you are actually just struggling with depression. I took some amazing notes that I really wanted to share but... I forgot them at the apartment. So I will try to just paraphrase a few of the key things that I remember. The member who gave the training pointed out that even prophets struggle with depression sometimes. In 2 Nephi 4 :17, 26 &27 you can feel how Nephi struggled with feeling  worthless, more than he really was. We may struggle with being down and hard on ourselves, but it doesn't mean we aren't converted. 

One of the biggest things I have come to realize this week is how much I have grown as a person. I don't feel like I am even close to the person I was when I came out 6 months ago, or who I was a year ago. It really is amazing how much a mission and different experiences can cause you to really grow up. We had exchanges with the STL's this week which was sweet! I got to go to Salina with Sister Roqumore, who is a totally awesome missionary! We had some really cool street contacts and lessons. After talking to a guy on a corner for a few minutes we were walking back to our car and someone opened their third story window and yelled down at us "No one like Baptists!" "Were not Baptist" Sister Roqumore said back but he had already slammed the window. A few moments later he opened it again and yelled "I believe in Jesus Christ; my Jesus Christ isn't the same as your Jesus Christ!" and slammed the window again. People are funny, and this statement always makes me smile since we know more about Jesus Christ and who he is than any other group of people. We really are very lucky and blessed to have this knowledge in our lives! 

Oh and my other crazy awesome moment from yesterday was glancing thought a Feb 2014 New Era and seeing a group of people in a situation I recognized well.  Scroll down to the "Big-Band Alternatives" section and you will see what go me so excited. I was so excited I told the members by me, "I know these kids! This is my High School, I know this story!" I remember when the girl who submitted the story talked about the fact it got submitted and I happened to come across it randomly yesterday. It was a fun moment. 

The really exciting part about the upcoming week is that WE GET TO GO TO THE KANSAS CITY TEMPLE ON FRIDAY!!! I can't believe the week is already here that I get to go to the temple. This is better than Christmas in my missionary temple deprived opinion. Moral of the story, if you have a temple close to you, use it; because there are lots of missionaries who wish they could go to the temple and can't. 

     Sister Blood

The chalk wall of names is in the STL's apartment, I got to sign, it was totally legit! 

Sister Blood, Up Close

Sister McCerrick & Sister Blood

Last week we  got pedicures with Sister Medina as at attempt to relax. I didn't find it all that enjoyable. But hey   at least now I can say I have tried it! 

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