Monday, August 25, 2014

This week was great,I experienced a change of heart!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was great, not because a lot happened, because unfortunately not much did, but it was great because I experienced a change of heart. Everything feels so much different now, brighter and more hopeful; even when the weeks are not all that great number wise. 

We drove out to one of the little towns that we cover outside of Junction City. Chapman is a really cute town, but during the day practically no one is there, because they all go out of the town to work. We walked up a pretty steep hill and it was a killer! That is the first real hill I have climbed in over 6 months! Kansas is flat in some parts, but not near as flat as people think. 

Cool story, we have a potential investigator who we can only talk to if he is outside because his roommates are super anti-religion. (To the point he can't take a Book of Mormon inside because they would get super angry.) We felt like we should walk by his street even though it was getting later in the evening and it's not the greatest area to be after dark. Anyways, we walked down the street and there he was outside, almost done with the cigarette he was smoking. It really was amazing the timing. But what was even cooler was seeing how much happier he became as we talked to him. He said it had been a pretty bad week, and we told him ours hadn't been very good either. He asked what made our week bad, and when we told how most people wouldn't talk to us he got super defensive in our behalf and told us how stupid it was that people wouldn't listen to us! It was pretty funny actually. He is so prepared, and is looking for the gospel even though he doesn't know it yet! Next step is to get him to church for a lesson and a church tour. I am so excited.

Oh ya and Haley our super sweet youth investigator who comes to church with her Grandmother picked an official baptism date! She is getting baptized on September 20th. Miracles are happening in JC, ya'll!

Love ya tons!
Seester Blood :)

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