Monday, July 28, 2014

Junction City All the WAY!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well it actually happened, I am in the Flinted Hills in Junction City; and guess what, I GOT TO DRIVE HERE! My new companion Sister McCerrick doesn't have driving privileges yet since she just finished training so I get to be the designated driver! I am excited to be able to drive again, thought it was kind of nerve racking since it's been 6 months since I last drove. I felt like a new driver all over again. I can't even imagine what it's like for guys who don't drive for 2 years!
Junction City is so cool. All the the main streets have tons of old buildings and it has a really cool small town charm. It is cool being in another area with a military base in it. Fort Riley Army Base to be exact, which is referred to as "post" just so you know and don't get confused in later letters. There really wasn't too much to write about for this week other than I am in a new area, there are HILLS here, and I don't know very many people yet. I already am completely in love with the area here. It is very different being away from the mission office and only being around 6 missionaries and a senior couple instead of the usual 30+ I would see at least once a week. But I know it is going to be awesome here!
Sister McCerrick is really really cool and I am so lucky and excited to be her companion. Sorry I forgot to take a picture for you, guess you just get to wait and try to imagine what she looks like! 

Love Sister Blood :)

Oh ya, in case you want to write me. or google earth stock me... ;)

104 west 4th St. Apt. 103 
Junction City, KS 66441

(Added Note:  This message she set to me, and I thought you might be interested.  I listened to the talk and it is amazing and so worth the time.)
"Do you know the talk "Faith of a Child"? It is from 1975 by pres Monson. It is famous because he directed it to a young girl sitting in the balcony and followed the prompting to speak by the spirit instead of his written talk. The Methvin family, Jack and Nancy, and one of their sons and his family live in our ward. We got to go to their home this week for dinner which took over an hour to get to 16 miles of which was on dirt roads. They are ranchers, so real cowboys, and I have never felt such a strong Christ centered spirit before in anyone's home until I walked into theirs. It felt as if Satan was miles away unable to enter their property because of how gospel centered their home is. I had no idea a home could have a spirit like that!"

The sign is at a church just down the street from the Harrison Park apartment and I finally got a picture,
 like I have wanted to for the last 6 months
Sister Murphy and I after the transfer meeting before we switched to our new companions

                               Junction City! 

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