Monday, July 21, 2014

Laura's Baptism was Amazing

Dear Family and Friends,
Today is bitter-sweet. I am getting transferred away from my "home" of Harrison Park in Wichita/Derby and am going to Junction City in the Manhattan Zone. My new companion is Sister McCarrick, yup that's right another "Mc" companion!
Laura's Baptism on Saturday was amazing to say the least! It was so humbling to see her struggle down the font steps with the help of TWO priesthood holders (Brother Dodds and Brother Hamilton) trembling and shaking but she made it! We were so worried she would slip or fall but she made it.  When we asked her after what it was like, she said that as soon as she heard the words "in the name of the Father..." she was surrounded by a great warmth and it completely engulfed her even as she was submerged into the cool water, all she felt was warm. She was smiling from ear to ear all day and it looked as if she had sunlight coming out of her she was so happy to be baptized. Her daughter was able to come, and she told us that if Laura hadn't gotten sick three weeks ago and had been able to go to church when we originally planned so we wouldn't have had to push the baptism back a week; she wouldn't have been able to come to the baptism because she had a emergency come up that took her out of town last weekend. WOW Heavenly Father really is very aware of this sweet family!
One of the best parts of the baptism program for me was being able to play my viola for it! Brother Favre' went back to Utah last week and agreed to bring my viola back with him. It was amazing to be able to play again (even though my fingers hurt because I had lost my calluses). Sister Ozbun agreed the night before to play with us. So somehow she on her flute and me on the Viola managed in one hour of practice Friday night to take the solo line from the arrangement of "Abide with Me" Sister Murphy had, into a duet. I have never been so guided when it come to altering music. Add into the mix the part was written for Violin so I was having to transpose into a different clef and at some parts transpose it down an octave. I haven't played in 8 months and the fact it came back so easily I know was a tender mercy of the Lord! When we played at the baptism it was beautiful, there weren't any mistakes that I could tell and it brought such a strong spirit I can't even begin to explain how it felt, other than the fact I knew I was being helped and I we really nervous. There were quite a few after that thanked us for how beautiful it was and I think were shocked to hear we had only put in maybe 2 hours total or so practicing before we played at the baptism. I am grateful for the gift of music I have been given along with Sister Murphy's piano skills, and Sister Ozbun's flute skills, music can bring such a strong spirit with it!
Funny note of the week. I didn't eat lunch yesterday and so before church started I was so hungry I seriously felt sick and was wondering how I was going to make it 6 hours before we were going to eat dinner. Then Carlos one of our awesome ward missionaries handed me a box of cheerios while we were talking before church. I called it manna from heaven and opened the box right then. Brother Dodds a councilor in the bishopric, and Sister Murphy gave me a really hard time for it. Well at least I left a funny memory behind my last Sunday in the Harrison Park ward... Sister Blood walking around with a box of chocolate cheerios... "ya do what'cha can!"
Love you all SO much

Sister Blood

Brother Hamilton, Brother Dobbs, Sister Blood, Sister Murphy

Brother & Sister Field, Sister Murphy, Sister Blood, Sandra (Laura's daughter)

Laura's Baptismal Program
                  Sister Blood walking around with a box of chocolate cheerios... "ya do what'cha can!"

Sister Murphy went back when I went forward and I ended up biting the back of her head. OW!
 The picture captured it right after it happened.

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