Monday, November 17, 2014

“How great shall be our joy in the Celestial Kingdom, if we bring one soul unto Christ”

Dear Friends and Family,                                                           11-17-14

I don't know how life can get much better than this past weekend! I am so grateful we were able to have the miracle filled week that we did for Sister Howell's last full week in Kansas. I remember thinking that our three months together was going to be a long time, but now here I am at the end looking back wondering how it went so fast! I am incredibly grateful she was my companion, I was correct in feeling I would learn a lot from her our second transfer together. Sister Howell, RaCail, and Jenaya have become the greatest friends I have had in a long time. When we felt the need to have RaCail be Jenaya's fellowship, I don't think we had any idea how close the four of us would become. The scripture that states “how great shall be our joy in the Celestial Kingdom if we bring one soul unto Christ” and are able to be with them in the Celestial Kingdom, has become very real to me, especially with Jenaya. I can't imagine being there without her and her family as well. Seeing 4 people become members of Christ's true church yesterday was one of the most amazing things of my life. I really believe this past weekend was an experience that will have changed my entire life. There really is something to be said about being someone's "missionary" and being privileged to have a front row seat to how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. These changes are really and truly what our entire life is really all about. Without them we would never make it back to our Father in Heaven. I love this Gospel, and I love being a missionary of Jesus Christ!

This weekend was so packed; by last night I thought I was going to fall asleep during dessert at a Members house! Friday was a party at the church as Adrian, Leigh, and Rachel, plus Jenaya came to have their baptismal interviews and to fill out their baptismal forms. They all passed their interviews, which was good! Then on Saturday we had Jenaya's baptism and sadly her husband didn't come. She was irritated about that and was really missing her father who passed away a couple years back. It was about time to start and she was sad and nervous, Elder Wilson and the Zone Leaders came and talked with her and us and they offered to give her a blessing which she accepted. The blessing given in the peace of the chapel was beautiful. After she calmly and excitedly got changed and was ready for her life to change! She was irritated Elder McKeller didn't have to wear the "ugly jumpsuit" she did, but we thought she looked great in it!

After the baptism she was so happy, she couldn't stop smiling and laughing she was so happy! She seemed to just glow! RaCail, and Jenaya went with Sister Howell and I to lunch at IHop to celebrate and we got some delicious hot chocolate (which was our 3rd time this week getting hot chocolate... I feel a tradition beginning). After lunch Jenaya and RaCail came with us to visit some Less Active members. Yup, that's the way we do it in JC!

Sunday was just as amazing and crazy! Jenaya was so nervous to go in front of the entire congregation and be confirmed, but she hid her nervousness well! The blessing was beautiful, and she came back with the biggest smile! After Church was the baptism for Adrian, Leigh, and Rachael. It was so cool! Jenaya stayed for a picture of all of them together, all 4 of those who became members of Christ Church on November 16. The baptism went well, and it was so cool to see how much all three of them have changed and grown closer as a family as we taught them. We really just got to catch the end of the process since the Wells have been sharing with them for months. Families who bring their friends into the church are the best! It makes our job as missionaries so much easier and we get to share the joy with those families as well! I couldn't have asked for a better week! 

Love you all!
Thanks for all the prayers in my behalf and on behalf of those we have and will continue to teach! 

~Sister Blood 

                              Hot Chocolate at IHOP
Jenaya & Sister Howell

Sister Blood & RaCail

RaCail, Sister Blood, Jenaya, Sister Howell

Sister Blood, Sister Howell, Jenaya, Elder McKeller

Sister Blood, Sister Howell,  Leigh, Adrian, Rachael, and Bro Wells 

Adrian, Rachael, Leigh, Jenaya, Sister Blood, Sister Howell

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