Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This week has been a huge week of miracles to say the least!

First of starting with Thursday and the long awaited lesson with Zach. It was such a powerful experience, I never though I would have one of those better than gold investigators who are 100% and more ready for the gospel, but that is exactly what he is. Halfway though the lesson on the restoration he as "so can I be a Mormon?". We told him yes and finished up the lesson. He already has a strong testimony of God so all that's left to add is the book of Mormon and living prophets which I have no doubt will come quickly for him. He is moving to downtown Wichita so he will have the last few lessons taught to him by the Elders in his new ward which mean we don't get to count his baptism, but that's okay we got to be the ones who found him in a beyond miraculous way!
We weren't having much success finding people this week and Friday and Saturday amounted to almost nothing except hours upon hours of walking. When we got home we were talking about it and all of a sudden it came to us that we weren't supposed to focus just on finding people we needed to focus on our ward. Getting to know the active members better, and bringing them with us when we visit less actives. Our ward is about 60% less actives which is really hard. We wrote up a personal area mission statement. Prayed about it and put it in the Lords hands. We knew if this was his will things would work out, we expected it would take a few days for the miracles to really start to show. I'm here to tell you Heavenly Father works FAST when he wants to. The miracles started coming 12 hours or so later.
Cecila  had all of her girls at church including her 14 year old daughter Mary who we met for the first time as she walked in the door. Mary is like a spiritual/mental sponge. Sister McDermott went with her to Sunday school and YW and said she soaked it all up, gave feedback in class, and loved every moment of it. She was really sad when YW was over and she asked if there was another class after but found out church was over. I stayed with her mother and because her baby was being fussy we ended up in the hall during RS. Which was another miracle because it gave me the chance to answer all of her questions from church. Most importantly being who exactly the Holy Ghost is and what role he plays in our lives and specifically prayer. Wow that was a neat experience to be able to have that time to talk to her. During that time she told me that her daughters Valery and Mary wanted us to teach them the Plan of Salvation. So they are now our new investigators along with their sister Rosa who is 9. It was surreal to say the least. 
After church we went to see a friend of Brother and Sister Field, with Brother Field. He had sent the Elders over to see her over a year ago just after her husband passed away but she really wasn't interested then. But when we asked him Saturday, when we felt prompted to stop by and see him,  if he had any people he could give us as a referral he literally had her name pop into his head. So after church we went with him to see her and he personally introduced us. She is the cutest little woman I've ever met. She does have some pretty drastic physical walking disabilities but that has just made her humble. We have a meeting with her Tuesday and she is really looking forward to us coming to see her. She is gold, she is humble, lost her husband and is still struggling with not having him here with her (Thank you Heavenly Father for the plan of Salvation!), and has good neighbors and friends in the Fields which means she will always have a way to church. Brother Field has wanted her to be a member for a long time so he is so excited. He is in his early 70 and I wish you could have seen the way he was basically bouncing with joy as we left her home last night. Heavenly Father is amazing, and he really is our Father!
This is just a SMALL list of the blessings we experienced this week, and I am sure that we will see so many more as the week goes on. 

Lots of Love

Sister Blood

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