Monday, February 17, 2014

Greetings from the Spring in February State of Kansas!

We had a HUGE Miracle last night. After church Sister Mc and I decided to go see one of our investigators at the rehabilitation/care center she is at for her sever depression. We were waiting for her to go and get her scriptures and another guy who was there asked if we were having a bible study session, we said yes and he asked us a few random questions about the bible and then wandered off. When our investigator came back he asked if we could join us. Sister McDermott had a book of Mormon is her bag we gave him to follow along in as we read together from Enos and talked about prayer. We have been trying to get Andrea, our investigator, to pray hence why we were reading from Enos. Every so often we would stop and ask her about what she read, what it meant to her, ect. We would bare our testimony, he even shared his about how he knows how God is real, and listens to his prayers, and has answered them in helping him get over his drug addictions. He is about to leave the care place as soon as he finds an apartment. The spirit was so strong! There were a couple of times the impressions of EXACTLY what I was supposed to tell him were so strong in my head and heart it felt as if the pressure in my head was going to start to effect my vision. WOW, can I say super cool experience! We set up a return appointment for this week and he is really excited about talking to us. He was really excited when we told him he could keep the BoM. As we were leaving he told us not to worry about him, he was just going to sit there and think for a few minutes. You could tell what we said had been taken straight to his heart by the spirit and I know it was what he was looking for as he is about to start over his life again. WOW is all I can say, I've never seen the spirit act so powerfully and strongly for someone like that before! I ended up singing Miracle of Miracles for the next two hours I was so excited!
Miracle of Miracles has become my Mission Theme song and whenever anything amazing happens I start singing it out loud or in my head usually without even realizing I've started singing. Yes it's from a musical about Jewish people, but hey, when it works it works! And the Spirit really works!!!
Love from Kansas
Sister Blood

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