Monday, February 10, 2014

Leaving the MTC and on to Kansas

Greetings from Wichita Kansas!
Well I don't even know where to start. Well I guess with leaving the MTC, wow that seems like forever ago! Because of the storm in Kansas last week we were stuck in the Denver airport with 21 missionaries for 11 hours. It was quite the adventure. When we landed in the itty bitty airport of Wichita (12 gates total) we were met my the Bell's. We got to wait an extra hour to leave the airport however because the Assistants to the Presidents got the wrong trailer, to instead of an empty trailer they got the one that was full of furniture. They had to go back to the mission home and switch it out before we could leave. The sisters stayed at the home of member that night and we arrived at her home just after midnight. We touched down in Wichita at around 11:10. That first day here was soooo cold! I have started wearing two pairs of tights every day to stay warm.
My companion's name is Sister McDermott. She is from San Diego California and she is awesome! She has been out 10 months, and is about 10 inches shorter than I am. I love her a ton! This week was crazy busy, and in so many ways forever long. We are blessed with a full time car, which is amazing but we are only allotted 600 miles a month and we are almost to 300 already... We spent most of the time this week visiting with ward members and less actives. One that we have been spending a lot of time with is named Cristy Baker. She has a heart as big as the Kansas Sky! She wants to be more active but she is felling pretty low right now and trapped in her horrible situation. She is trying to get over her addiction to smoking as well. I love spending time visiting her but it is hard to come home smelling like cigarette smoke for the rest of the day. Some of my skirts are better than others and letting go of the smell sooner. One day we did some service for her and went and swept and cleaned her floor. Her smile was the biggest sweetest thing you have ever seen! It was so cute to see the way she was dancing across the floor so happy that it was clean and smooth. She said that tile floor looked cleaner than when she moved in. The entire time we were cleaning I had the line "as much as you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me my brethren" going through my head. I realized that if Christ had been there he too the greatest of them all would have got down and on hand and knee cleaned that floor with me until it shown. It was a really humbling experience and I felt very blessed to get to do what the savior would have done for her. I LOVE being an angle on earth!
Last night after church we were able to go to a members home for dinner. Mom they even had a Quinoa (ya know the grain/seed stuff you use with rice?) dish that was really good! It reminded me of home in a good way. After we were driving around trying to find some less actives to visit but neither of us felt right about it so we went home. I felt really strongly that we should call Cristy and give her a lesson over the phone. Wow that was the strongest I have ever felt the spirit while on my mission. We read out of Alma with her (the chapter about when Alma and his people are in bondage to the Lamanites and the lord helps them escape to Zarahemla.) and I felt so strongly to tell her that if she finished the Book of Mormon and followed the covenants she made when she was baptized the Lord would lift her out of the horrible place she has been living. It was amazing to feel so strongly exactly what to say and to know that the promise that came out of my mouth wasn't from me... I was just being the mouth piece!
We had a new investigator join us at church along with her 5 girls age 8 months to 11. She has already agreed to be baptized but we still have some work to do. She is Hispanic and we are pretty sure she has never been married. They live in poverty so we need to make sure she is actually going to be baptized or is baptized before we tell her that the church can help her financially. She has gone to other church before just for their support so we have to make sure that is not the case again. She does seem very interested and her girls LOVE church so much.
Also one of the investigators that Sister McDermott and her previous comp Sister Call (who was just called to be the mission secretary until the new senior missionaries arrive) worked with told us she wants to be baptized! This is really excited especially in Kansas. One of the first things they told us is that this mission is extremely hard because most people are religious and happy with their religion. We are expected to get at least 1 baptism every other transfer... that's every 3 months! That is a really low number, so the fact we have possibly 4 in the next few months is truly a miracle!
Well my time is up, I love you all and Can't wait to hear from you!
Sister Blood

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