Monday, January 12, 2015

Lake Shawnee = New Beginnings

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was AWESOME! It was also really long since it felt like two weeks in one with transfers happening. I can't believe it's only been a week since I emailed last. So much happened this week in a very good way! There is so much I am not sure where to start.

Leaving JC was really hard since I love so many of the members there, but it was good. Going down to Wichita was kind of an adventure since we almost lost my bike off the bike rack because of how much the wind was blowing on the way down, plus the added wind pull as the semi passed us going the opposite direction on the little highways almost proved to be to much for my bike. It was CRAZY how cold the wind was while we were out getting the bike re-attached for the last little bit to Wichita, I can't even explain how cold and painful it felt. With the windchill it would have been at least -10 below! On the way back up to Topeka we had to stop twice to fix my bike, then the Spanish Elders were nice and stuck it on their rack which worked much better. It was a really long day of driving, but it was cool to finally get to TopC (Topeka City). 
Lake Shawnee Ward is the 
East and South part of the city. It includes another ghetto which I am excited to see, and an Air Force, Air Field (Forbes Field). Both having super ghetto parts and a military area, in my area are common themes, of all my areas so far. 
Super cool miracle was meeting some recent converts and the investigator who lives with them. Sister Deppe was kind of nervous because they don't usually like new people and they are easy to offend. As we were sitting talking to them I got a really strong impression to share a Jewish Parable a friend who just got back from their mission to Ohio shared with me that Monday. The spirit was crazy strong and it was exactly what they needed to hear because of the trials they are going through. After I finish and testified to them of how important it is to put God first in all things they looked at each other and one said. "Wow I really like her." "Yes, I think we are going to learn a lot from her!" We were totally amazed at how the spirit worked! I love inspiration! I love when people feel inspired to share things with me in emails and then that week I share it with someone and it is exactly what then needed to hear! It's awesome! 
Another crazy moment was going with the Ward Missionary Ben (who is a recent convert of 6 months) to see an investigator Shelbi. A member who lives in the same house as them and is also her Ex-boyfriend was sitting in and was a super "dark cloud" and little devil. I couldn't focus and the spirit was gone because of the contentious spirit he was bringing in. I felt so strongly he needed to leave the room, so we could talk with Shelbi alone. So filled with the spirit I turned and asked him to please leave the room so we could have a lesson with just her. He was pretty offended but he left the room. We said another opening prayer and the spirit returned to the room. Ben had his Jaw on the floor and told me I was a "Bad-A" missionary, and that I had more guts then any other missionary he knows. It was a surreal moment feeling so strongly the need for the guy to leave and feeling the spirit fill me as I told him to leave and he did. The lesson was amazing with Shelbi and really helped her and us to know what she needs and wants as she comes closer to Christ. 
The next day when we saw the Member I asked to leave the room, he told us how he had been offended and upset, but how as he was pondering on it and thinking about it he had personal revelation about how he needed to change and be better. He wasn't upset anymore! It was crazy! Lesson learned this week, NEVER BE AFRAID TO FOLLOW THE SPIRIT, even when your head tells you it's a crazy thing to do!

Love you all! 
Sister Blood
Lake Shawnee Sister! Ya-ya 

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Silly Picture of Sister Blood & Sister Palmer

Sister Deppe & Sister Blood

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