Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Week after the accident

Dear Family and Friends,                                 6-2-15

This was a good week! It started out slow with recovering from the accident on Saturday but each day we did more and achieved more! Yesterday was one of the best days and I spent almost the entire day on splits because my companion was sick, but it was a good day and we saw a lot of miracles! The best part was being able to have a really good heart to heart with Aide, and I even got her to come hang out with me and be my companion instead of going with her "friends" who are trying to get her back into bad stuff. The ward loves her so much and we are fighting like lions to keep her active and safe, as we keep reaching out we pray she will feel and see how much the ward actually does care about her! It was weird not having Sister Williams with me but it provided a really neat opportunity for her to open up to me and for me to share some things from my own life that helped her to see I do relate to her and some of the things she is going through.
The end of the week really lifted my spirits and helped me to feel the power and joy that comes from missionary work! Amazing miracle of the week was finding Marva. She was an investigator I taught in Harrison park who almost got baptized but them moved to Andover. Since I have been in Andover I have been thinking a lot about her and wondering if I could somehow find her house again. Crazy thing is she now lives next door to our investigator Brenda! It was a joyful reunion that fill me with so much happiness! She only has a few months left to live because of Stomach cancer, but the Lord provided a way for us to meet again before she leaves this life, he is wonderful. 
We were at the hospital until 1:30 last night because we were worried about Sister Williams having a blood clot because of the nature of the pain in her leg, but after spending way too long in the ER waiting room we finally went back they ran some tests and scans and found that she was fine, so we went home and crashed at about 2am just to get up as always at 6:30, I don't feel too tired right now, but I am sure it will come on with full force later today or tomorrow, haha. 
So I had a recording I was going to include about the events of last week... but the computer can't find the driver for the recorder so I can't get to the file. So the next best thing is I will include the like to the blog of the member who was driving, she did a nice job about talking about the accident and the likes so that should be fun to read. The link is  For those of you who can't open the blog I will include a picture as well. The back break light is one of the things I find most entertaining because it is bent down because I smacked my head into it, knowing what I hit it on explained why I had such a large goose egg on the back of my head and why it was bleeding. Angels were for sure watching out for us! Another miracle of the accident she didn't mention in the blog is that Sister Williams airbag should have gone off but it didn't which is amazing because of her seat coming off the hinges and sliding forward it put her only three or so inches from where the airbag is, which if it had gone off could have been pretty serious. They also told us when you looked at the underside of the frame the entire steel structure had been bent into an "L" shape because of the force of the impact, it kind of blows my mind how much we are protected! The gray car is the one belonging to the lady who hit us. 

Really cool part of the week is that for the third time in KWM history the entire mission gathered so that Elder Don Clark of the 70 and head of the mission department could talk to us about the why of the proper use of digital technology since we will be getting iPads to aid in the work of salvation here in Kansas in the next few weeks. It was AMAZING! He is a really good speaker; he talked to us a lot about how learning how to balance and use technology properly in our lives now will bless us when we are home for the rest of our lives. He also talked a lot about marriage and how to avoid Divorce, which can be caused by misuse of technology. He actually talked to us over an hour past when he was supposed to, but it was such good advice and he was letting us ask questions I didn't want it to end! 

Thank you again to everyone that has kept us in your prayers, we are healing fast and getting back into the swing of missionary life in full force again! 

Love to you all!

Sister Blood

The Tracker that we were riding in, back view

The car that hit us, going 40 MPH

Seat where I was sitting

At the waterfront with Aide at sunset yesterday, so fun! 

My face after a week of healing (ironically taken in the ER just like last weeks pictures). 

A cartoon I saw this week that made me happy. All the RM's and missionaries will know how true it is. 

At the Memorial Day run last week, with the part of the zone that is in Wichita

decorating cupcakes 
our district... charming aren't we? 

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