Monday, July 27, 2015

Interfaith Choir Concert

Dear family and Friends,                            7-27-15

This week was super cool. On Friday we had a really neat interfaith
choir concert at our church. We invited some choirs from other churches
to come in and present some songs and we had a choirs.  We also had
some people from the Mormon Tabernacle choir here as well which is
really cool. Ended up being a huge success and great first first year, 
we plan to do it annually. The group that really helped us get it
going called the Jesus prayer project said, "it was a huge answer to
their prayers to be invited to something like this."
Huge part of miracle is that the founder of it and her mother and
friend came to church the next day and ended up staying for the entire
block. Even though they are really active in their church they really
liked the service and we're very grateful that they were invited. We
had some super awesome lessons with them during the day. Top off the
fact that we actually taught Relief Society. Funny part about teaching
Relief Society was that we were asked to teach on the talk by Sister
Burton, " We'll Ascend Together" which if you don't remember is all
about eternal marriage. Everyone thought that was pretty funny that
two single non dating missionaries were giving a lesson on eternal
It was a really successful  and we had quite a few people come up
afterwards and thank us for the outstanding lesson that we gave. And
then the friend that came told her her friend (who is the founder
prayer project ) that she was amazed that we were single and able to
present such an outstanding lesson on marriage. That is a true
testament to the power of the spirit being able to teach through us
even if we do Not have personal experience  on something related to
the Gospel.
This week has been a really good week and in someways very hard
recognizing how close the end is. Our ward mission leader told the
ward council I was going homes on August 6th, and many of them did not know so
they asked me if it was my last week. I'm glad I still have time left
that I do and I plan to make it the very best that I possibly can. And
that I was able to keep it quite how close to the end I was and not
stand out like crazy how close going back to Utah is.  I love Kansas!
Funny thing about Kansas,  even if you're up at 6:30 in the morning,
outside it's super humid which means that you feel sticky the second
you get outside even if it's not that hot yet, it's pretty gross. The
reason we were up so early this morning was we went and had to speed
walk 2 miles to an investigators home, where we met the Elders and then we
surprise mowed and cleaned up her front yard. We are super excited to
see how she reacts to i,t we hope she likes it. Moral of the story
service is awesome, but humidity in Kansas is not fun. At least for
all of those who've been experiencing 100° in Utah you don't have 60
to 80% humidity every day so be grateful for that.

Love you all!
Sister Blood :)

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